Midsummer celebration in Finland

Last Update: June 21, 2018

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Midsummer is the peak of Finnish summer and a traditional celebration season. The holiday season that begins from the Midsummer begins to drop the industry's production to a "summer level." For the economy, the accumulation of holidays for the same weeks is not the best solution, but has not made a significant contribution to GDP.

We do a long working day in the wintertime to earn a longer vacation time in the summer. There isn’t such a practice in many countries and we can be fortunate enough to do so in Finland.

We think this approach is the best solution for the well-being and happiness of our citizens and in addition to that to all over productivity in our country. Just now we start to celebrate our Midsummer season and forget all our responsibilities for a while. Don't blame us for that we are getting back on the business after 4 weeks or so.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
I love hearing about traditions of other countries especially since we are global.

Tried and True

Karppa Premium
Traditions are worth to save, but I have to confess that things are changed a little bit also in Finland. Although we have long summer holidays many employees have to be available for working during their holidays, being connectable and making important tasks with their modern devices.
Flash4 Premium
Hi Karppa, that is interesting about your country. I guess you deserve a good summer break after what I would think you had extreme winter.
In Oz the Southern part of our country has snow but the Northern part is hot as hell. Fortunately I live somewhat in the middle in Queensland and we don't have those extremes in weather.
Good post, thank you.
Cheers Jae ♫
linda956 Premium
It is good to hear they think of your being. Too bad more countries don't do that.