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Last Update: March 19, 2014

Hi :)

So I just watched this YouTube video on how to quickly increase the number of Pinterest followers you have. It's so simple - I'm not sure why I haven't thought of it before

1) Create your Pinterest account ;-)

2) Search for your niche, ie "Work from Home".

3) Click on Pinners. You will then see all the Pinners that are pinning on your niche.

4) Follow a Pinner with lots of followers (500+) - then go into their profile and see all their followers

5) Start following all their followers - remember these are people who's interested in your niche already! Pinterest will allow you to follow 300 people per day.

The idea is that people you follow are likely to follow you in return. And the more content you share on Pinterest, the bigger are the chances that someone will re-pin and so on...

I've just followed my 300 pax for the day - will be back at it tomorrow - Will be interesting to see how many followers I have by the end of next week. (I'll keep you posted - 38 followers as of today)

Has anyone else used this technique? Would love to hear about it! :)

Have a lovely day!! :)



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stephhill Premium
Thank you. This helps me a lot. Here is my pinterest URL if anyone wants to me follow me...

Now I have to try and work on following others, so they can follow me.
Karina B Premium
I now follow you :)
And this technique really works - eventually your followers start growing naturally, I have now just under 3000 followers
edgie Premium
That's it Karina, you can also use the same format with gaining twitter followers
Karina B Premium
Yeah of course - I'll get on to that too! :) btw I have nearly tripled my Pinterest followers overnight :)
edgie Premium
That's awesome