Feeling Scared.

Last Update: June 23, 2016

Huge, momentous day here in the UK – a day I never envisaged would come when we actually risk turning our backs on our neighbours in a world where, in my lifetime, it has all been about working together. Having lived as an EU immigrant in Spain and France (or as an ex-pat as the British like to call ourselves when the shoe is on the other foot!), there is so much to enjoy, to treasure to learn about each other’s cultures, experience and knowledge.

Our country has been swept up by irresponsible media in to a negative vortex where we are all feeling scared, distrustful and essentially lonely. I am not at all a political animal, but hope that our country stays strong and votes to work with and not with our back to our neighbours.

I haven’t been able to work on WA since I joined, as I have had to take another direction in work. But I dip in and out to sample the collaboration, the generosity of the training, the willingness to reach out and help. Today as I am terrified our country will vote to turn our back on precisely what makes WA work, I find myself wanting to express how thankful I am for a community such as this, that does reach out with good will, faith in each other and support. Whatever the outcome of today, I’m coming back to forge forward with WA.

Better Together :)



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Chrissies Premium
Karen, I agree with every word you say. I am just trusting that the British people will make the right decision to remain in Europe. The alternative really is unthinkable, but we'll just have to wait and see if common sense prevails :)
KarenEB Premium
Thanks Chrissie. I agree with you - my gut instinct is when push comes to shove, common sense will win the day. Matter of hours now to wait :)
Vetinari Premium
As another itinerant ex-pat I couldnt agree more. Just hope the uninformed and the bigoted dont ruin things for the rest of us
KarenEB Premium
Thank you Vetinari. I completely agree - got the Cava ready to celebrate a new day in Europe tomorrow. Everything crossed!