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It is shocking how full of resistance I am to writing. I can find literally anything else that HAS to be done. But then a good friend sends a chat on Skype and I am off. Paragraphs and paragraphs. Why? This post is a little test for myself, to get down in writing why I am resisting writing.JUDGEMENTIt's the putting yourself out there. Rabbit in the headlights - out of my comfort zone. I will start thinking of every word, will end up trying to be clever and generally lose the plot, so better not
For any of you who list, or want to list on Amazon, you will be well aware of the need for the main image to be on a plain white background. Now that’s a lot trickier than it sounds! Either because you don’t know one end of a camera from the other, let alone how to get the perfect lighting for a pure shadow free background, or because you are a drop-shipper and don’t get to physically handle the products. Well I just had that sinking “Busted!” feeling when one of m
For those of you who haven't see it yet, Andy has done us all a fantastic service with this extensive Twitter training @ have been reading how he has picked up speed, followers and engagement on Twitter these last few weeks and really wanted to know how. So delighted to see how much work and detail has gone in to these lessons and looking forward to putting them in to action. I picked this up from JimBo's share and would ask anyone else to
Hi - this ingenious idea came from axtonkong (please see his profile if you want to see some website help in action on the comments box) and is a great way for us all to boost each others rankings by showing interest and focusing on low bounce rates. We can check out websites from visiting profiles or leave websites in the comments box. In his words..."Guys, I started a thread to help each other to improve Google ranking by :1. Organically search for each other's website (to improve number of o
June 23, 2016
Huge, momentous day here in the UK – a day I never envisaged would come when we actually risk turning our backs on our neighbours in a world where, in my lifetime, it has all been about working together. Having lived as an EU immigrant in Spain and France (or as an ex-pat as the British like to call ourselves when the shoe is on the other foot!), there is so much to enjoy, to treasure to learn about each other’s cultures, experience and knowledge. Our country has been swept up by ir
Been flat out on my full time job and sadly pushed away from WA, but just had the best day with our sons ! Climbed a high Shropshire hill in the sunshine and the fresh air blew my procrastination away! While my two younger sons played Lord of the Rings off the rocks, My 15 year old son Sergi brainstormed my Harry Potter Blog with me. WoW! Did he have some ideas and so much enthusiasm and love for the subject that he has created the structure and wants to get stuck in to creating the website. Al
March 04, 2016
Early this morning our youngest son folded his arms and stood squarely before me in his reindeer onesie and demanded "It is about time you taught me to cook eggs".As I watched him crack open the eggs for the first time, right through to munching on his very own perfectly fluffy cheese omelette, I took it as a perfect shove to break a few eggs myself. It is one of life’s truisms that you really can't make a perfectly fluffy omelette without cracking those eggs! Time for a fresh new path.So