Beginnings: from fuzziness to illumination!

Last Update: November 30, 2015

So, folks, I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for 3 weeks now and what an amazing world I’ve found! But, you already know that … Truth be told, I simply stumbled upon WA by accident, just looking for ways to make supplemental income from home online. I’m not a business person, rather a teacher, so the world of affiliate marketing is a revelation. I knew about affiliate marketing, but didn’t really understand it’s potential and how online businesses actually work. Now I have a bit of an inkling :) What a journey I'm on!

At first, everything was ‘fuzzy’ with too much info coming at me from all different directions - nearly overwhelming. So, I did a lot of browsing at WA, then went ‘premium’ before the end of Week 1. What convinced me? All the info and training to be sure, but even more the stellar community - you all are so generous and I’m so glad to have found you!

During Weeks 2 & 3, I’ve been working my way through WA Bootcamp and should have my WA website ready to post in a week or two. It’s not the fastest process, since I’m teaching full-time. I have only used Wordpress to create websites for classes, and I find it really different to think of it from a ‘business’ perspective. Both are about communication, certainly, but not the same ‘POV’ at all.

After my WA website is done, I’m going to move on to my first niche site. I’ve a strong interest in healthier lifestyles and generally eat either ‘paleo’ or ‘mediterranean.’ Plus I do a lot of veggie gardening. So, it’ll be a niche in there some where. Gotta decide soon, since I’m moving along :)

It’s fun to be excited about all of this, so thanks to all of you for the ‘illumination’ and getting me started on my new journey!


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KatieMac Premium
There will always be stuff to learn here at WA the internet is always moving and changing to...that is what I love about WA it is ever evolving so no chance of being bored either and it is good to have a plan of action
whitsunday Premium
Hi Kaitly, I've been here for a long time and I still learn heaps of new things every day. I have never enjoyed a challenge so much in my life.
Pisquali Premium
You never stop learning and it;s great to keep going just to see what the next early of wisdom is, even after you think you know a few things.
2Al Premium
Kaitly, it's a good plan.
mergie1 Premium
Yep its kind of addictive isn't it.
Kaitly Premium
So true, so true :)