Who Determines Your Success and How Quickly You Can Achieve It?

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How Do We Achieve Success As Quickly As Possible?

There have been many questions and some blogs posted about the amount of time it takes to earn some money online or build a successful online business.

People who are completely new wonder how long it will take to earn some money.

Some people think it is very reasonable to earn some money within 4 months.

Other people think it is very reasonable to not earn any money for at least the first 12 months.

And I would guess the rest fall somewhere in between.

It is a very interesting thing.

I can tell you that I have experienced both sides.

The first time I built a niche authority website I worked for many months. It took quite a while for people to start visiting my website. And it was the 10th month of my site's "life" that is started to earn money. I think I had 70 or 80 articles at that point. I do not remember now. I only remember I eventually ended up with about 160 articles on the site.

The second time I built a niche authority website it made money in about 4 or 5 months.

And when I used PPC advertising I earned some money in just 2 to 3 days after launching my campaigns.

And I had a niche website that got a good amount of traffic every day despite Google largely ignoring it.

But let's back up a bit and see if we can figure out what exactly is the "hold up"... and I don't have all of the answers. I am simply sharing my own beliefs based on my experiences. With that in mind...

Why Does It Take So Long To Earn Money?

I think there are many reasons for this but in general it comes down to a two reasons for new people.

1. For a person who is completely new to all of this... a lot of growth is required.

The person needs to learn and develop a new mindset. The person needs to learn & develop new skills. The person needs to apply what they learn and actually use their skills. The person needs to find what works for them (find that initial success... strategy) so they can build on it and improve it over time.

2. It's incredibly easy to get "lost" in this space.

There is so much information. So many different points of view being published online. Anytime a person "looks into something" (even trying to simply gain some additional information to help them better understand something from the training here) it is very easy for them to "go down a rabbit hole" and encounter hundreds or even thousands of different tactics, tricks, platforms, ideas, etc. So, instead of having their question(s) answered & gaining clarity, they end up with much more on their mind and more questions than they had before. Now they have entirely new topics they weren't even aware of earlier.

These things, I believe, are the main factors.

The Illusion of Making Money Online

Often people are focused on "making money" and they see the Internet as some kind of magical place that changes all of the rules. I must admit that at one time I even got sucked into this myth. Because all of the content was focused on "making money", "traffic", "conversions", "autopilot", "passive", etc. it created an illusion. A very powerful illusion... online money is just "made" by focusing on tactics, platforms and metrics.

And because of that so many people never "get it". The only (legal) way to earn money online is by providing value to other human beings.

That has to always be the first thing on our minds. And the absolutely most important thing to keep on our minds.

Ultimately... the more value we are providing to other human beings the more money we will earn.

And this is one reason why it takes time. And can take "forever" if a person never "gets it".

To provide value to other people... as entrepreneurs... we must develop our mindsets. This is a pretty huge thing. It drives everything else. Yet is the thing that is rarely ever covered in Online Income training.

Mindset needs to shift to one of focusing on OTHER people. Providing real value to other human beings. And mindset needs to grow to accept that personal development is required.

To provide value to other people we must develop our skills. The more skills we have and / or the more we develop specific skills, the more value we can provide to other people. So we must be willing to learn new skills and then improve those skills over time.

These skills range from "soft" things such as self awareness (who are we, what do we want from life and how can be best provide value to other human beings) to choosing their business model, how to choose a niche, how to do market research, how to build a website, how to write articles, how to find the best products & services to refer people to, how to provide more value than the other thousands of people doing the same, how to reach our target audience ("get traffic" - yes "free" search engine traffic is base model here but I mean in general... and still nobody needs to wait for Google in any case) etc. and being willing and able to continually improve in all of these.

Okay, so we all know there is a lot going on in all of this. It seems pretty simple to experienced people because they already went through the process of growing their mindsets and skills and they already have their personally proven strategies. Those are MASSIVE benefits.

Still... let's look at this from the perspective of what can be done to make this all more efficient. Instead of simply telling ourselves "it takes time... nothing we can do about it but work & wait... why are you in such a hurry?"... let's try asking better questions.

How Can We Speed This Up?

Again, from my experience, a big time sink was in mindset. Focusing on the right things. Thinking the right way. And in choosing the right model and the niche.

I am thinking many people probably choose niches they just have no passion writing and writing about really being fully immersed in, writing masses of content about, etc for many years. I have two tiny fitness sites sitting out there that fit this perfectly. I enjoy exercising. I think I provided some great value to people in the articles. But I have zero interest in writing any more articles on those sites.

For me personally, my biggest interest and passions are personal development, online business, and helping other people. I see all of those as fitting into one niche of online business. Because they all go together. I did not want to choose that niche because it seems to be the default "go to" for so many people.

But now, I am going to focus on it because it is where I can provide the most value and have the most passion for. I can't think of a better way to make a living than to truly help other people to change their lives, escape their jobs, find their purpose and live their ideal lives.

Maybe we can make a list of a few questions... a process... to help other people to discover their true passion and strengths. Their purpose in a sense.

The next thing is to learn and develop mindset and skills as quickly as possible. And then to actually build the site.

The article writing is a big challenge for many; speaking firsthand I think a lot of that is from not choosing the right niche for us personally. Which, again, is why that upfront time spent on getting to know ourselves and what we are really passionate about is needed. Many may struggle with choosing products or services to be an affiliate of. Again, I think if the "right" niche is chosen choosing the products and services should be very natural process done fairly easily.

The Real Issue

Now we are at the main "pain point"... waiting for Google, etc to rank and refer people to the site. This seems to be, by far, the biggest pain in this model.

So... a great question now is to ask...

How To Get Traffic Quickly... Ideally Today?

Here... I think is the critical piece. There are several very important parts to creating an online income, building an online business... however you want to word it. And of all of those... NO value can be provided to human beings without them first being aware of you (your site, links, etc).

If you know how to reach people in your target audience TODAY then you have the potential to earn money TODAY. It is as simple as that.

Waiting on Google is a choice. It is not a necessity.

So... what other ways can we reach people?

Money-based ("Paid") Advertising

Paid advertising on the major search engines.

Paid advertising on the secondary search engines.

Paid advertising on major social websites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc)

Paid advertising on the secondary social websites (whatever those are... I am not big enough in social stuff to know this)

Paid advertising on dating websites

Paid advertising in newspapers that show in their online versions.

Paid advertising on the big classified advertising sites

Paid advertising on other networks (blogs, etc)

Paid advertising for Influencers (other people's email lists, Twitter, YouTube, etc)

Paid advertising directly to other site owners

Many more

Time-based ("Free") Advertising

Writing articles for search engine rankings (this is what we are trying to get around)

Perhaps figuring out how to rank in other search engines which may be much faster

Publishing content on social websites

Placing free ads in classified advertising sites.

Publishing content in any of the thousands of massive traffic websites online (there are so many websites getting from tens of millions to even BILLIONS of visitors per month)

Guest posting

Link exchanges


Do You Work for Google or for Yourself and Your Audience?

So... I submit this for your consideration... earning an online income does not need to take 1 year. And it does not need to take 4 months. It is only a choice that makes it take that long. A choice to say that everything, your entire online business, relies solely one ONE website... one company (who couldn't care any less about your and your goals) Google.

Personally... I think that is a mistake. What if there was no Google? What would you do then? What if there were no search engines period... what would you do then?

If you can figure out how to reach your target audience by using the absolutely massive infrastructure online... I think actually there are nearly 2 billion sites online (but only tens of thousands of them have high traffic) you can basically achieve anything online and in YOUR time not Google's.

There are so many websites out there where people can publish quality content and link back to their website. Hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of people. Obviously, a person needs to find sites relevant to their content. Most places aren't going to like you spamming articles about "make money online".

Don't publish junk content for backlinks for Google... we don't care about G! It is about reaching humans not robots. Building roads leading from quality content "out there" back to our sites.

Again, I do not have all the answers and I don't want to keep hammering this nail. I simply am sharing my personal experience from the past and my views and I hope for some good discussion on this.

Let's focus on HOW we can speed it up... not why we cannot. With the right mindset and the right questions we find solutions.

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What a great line "it's about reaching humans not robots" is!
So much emphasis is placed on making money, I'm pretty new to this and there is an awful lot of smoke and mirrors around on the internet.
Thanks for this post and I'll keep to the forefront of my mind that I'm here first and foremost to help other people.

Tremendous Post JustAPerson and I agree with you 100%. Value added works with re-sellers, distributors, storefronts and many others. The "keywords" for all those are carry the products that your customers wants and know who your customers are. To me you hit every topic like a hammer hitting the nail on a head. Best to you.

VERY well written article! I was wondering from the start why one should sit and wait, more or less, instead of being pro-active to make it happen.
My favorite saying was "Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it". (Now I have to research who coined this).

Brilliant post. 100% agree about not getting caught up in what Google thinks of your site. If you put your customers first and solve real problems for them, you will make money in any space, be it online or bricks-and-mortar.

It is because most of us are doing things which we should not be doing more as much as what we should be doing in our own online business!

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