the dream I dreamed .

Last Update: January 27, 2016

When we found this, we were skeptical. We have been looking for a place - group to comprehend this beast called the internet. WE are very happy with our results so far and are extremely optimistic with the help available here at WA. As we are sharing on our website, our dream was to learn how to promote ourselves, and what we have discovered is there is a whole new dimension we didn't even know existed.

We are excited to continue our journey here! We have already upgraded on Jaaxy and are somehow going to work in the new learning tools with our boot camp training and getting started course 2, lessons. We don't even want to sleep, but know enough at this stage of our lives, that a properly rested body learns better.

The website is progressing, and we are getting rising ranks in our site health - 3 categories out of 8 so far. Yesterday, we had 0 of 8. Our first off WA site goal is to get a new computer........ours is almost prehistoric at the moment. We got it in late 2006. Wish us luck! We appreciate all the help we have received up to this point, and hope to get to a point soon, where we can start paying it forward.

Rod and Troy

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ricardo1 Premium
Troy, 'Dream' as in having a vision? Most people's dream is that it will come into the reality that they will be successful in this online affiliate business here at WA. When you have God you don't need any luck. I applaud you for upgrading to Premium. Welcome to WA, congratulations and God bless you both.
BevCredelle Premium
Well, Junkexchange you technically have started to pay it forward with your blog post. This certainly helps new comers realize they have entered into a great place!
Junkexchange Premium
Thanks. We have received positive feedback and as we said in the day, good vibes, in our interactions with everyone here. Absorbing as fast as we can all the info available. Thanks