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Last Update: April 06, 2016

We are curious how many members, here on Wealthy Affiliate, actually got involved at the beginning because of a desire to promote their real time business. We saw this as an opportunity to build our own website, increase our exposure with SEO, and sell our products online, sans all the fees the typical sites charge for selling your products.

How is this working for you? Do you see the potential for your business? Have you been getting the results you wanted?

Our growth here, is only limited by the amount of time we can carve out of our 'business' schedule to not only learn about affiliate marketing, but share this incredible opportunity with those in our field. We just finished a 10 day show, and spent a good percentage of the time also selling the idea of what we are doing here. Hopefully our conversion rate will start kicking in soon.

Knowing what is possible to learn here, and also have the support of the community, has given us a substantial boost to our confidence. We hope those that came in with the same ideas as us, have started the work on that part of your business, and also see the 'HUGE' potential of the bigger picture. It has been the reason for many nights of a few hours less sleep.

Rod and Troy

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KatieMac Premium
great approach and wish you all the best with it and your right WA offers us great opportunities
MKearns Premium
Website, affiliate links and rankings first then serious business building.
BradyHarness Premium
Oh how so Right you are Rod and Troy. We keep very long hours at and then come here to learn more and brush up but it is so worth it!
SuphatPasree Premium
Junkexchange Premium
What field is your business? Ours deals with antiques, collectibles, and vintage inspired home decor that we design and manufacture. Rod and Troy