When coming 1st AND 2nd is the icing on the cake

Last Update: April 25, 2020

Today is a GREAT day… almost all of my days since the pandemic have been various degrees of good/alright/grand/OK/meh/blah of some description or another and I had almost forgotten what a great day felt like.

A great day for me - is when my day starts out ordinary and something happens in the day to make it extraordinary!

Today Saturday 25th April is a GREAT day!

It’s been so long since I checked where my published articles rank on Google that today I decided on a whim I might go through the articles on my 1st website and see where they fell.

Starting from the most recent written article to the very first article I wrote and published on 19th August 2019 I checked all 31 posts on Jaaxy to find out exactly which page on Google/Bing/Yahoo I appeared and below I am delighted to declare my findings;

Article published on August 19th 2019

Position 2, Page 1 on Google

Article published on Sept 16th 2019

Position 5, Page 1 on Bing

Article published on Oct 6th 2019

Position 4, Page 1 on Google

Article published on Jan 1st 2020

Position 1, Page 1 on Google & Bing


Article published on April 15th 2020

Position 1, Page 1 on Bing

I am thrilled to see that the very first article I wrote (as a complete newbie) back in August 2019 is ranked 2nd on page 1 of Google.

I am even more thrilled and excited to learn that my first article of 2020 is ranked 1st on page 1 of both Google & Bing...a wonderful affirmation that I am on the right track…

Not sure WHAT I have done on Yahoo…?!? Will need to investigate that…

To say I am delighted would be an understatement. This has given me a renewed determination to keep on track and continue to write content under this niche.

These revelations have also given me a clearer “reason” to sign up to affiliate programs suitable to my niche, exploring all and everything related so that I can provide more assistance to my readers.

I had previously been very slow to sign up to affiliate programs, I had naively put all of my eggs in one basket and only used Amazon initially.

Then early last month I was rudely “booted out” by Amazon as I had only achieved 2 affiliate sales and not the coveted 3 x affiliated sales within 3 months.

To be honest I had decided at that stage and before it became apparent what Amazon would later release that I would not re-apply to Amazon.

So I’m now in the process of clearing Amazon affiliate links from my articles and website.

Just this week I received confirmation from both Awin and Share-a-sale that I/my website has been approved so now the work begins…onward now to source the “right” affiliate programs to promote.

Just wanted to share my article rankings with my WA friends and especially for anyone who reads this who is relatively new to WA and the blogging world…it may take time but Google/Bing/Yahoo do find you…eventually 😊

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday evening and please stay safe and well wherever you are in the world ~ Jules

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Jules73 Premium
Thank you Jerry, very kind :-)
Kellsy Premium
Well done! You're an inspiration for every newbie.
I've been on for a month & a half with no rankings but this your article has given me back hope!
Thanks again & good luck!
Jay ; )
Jules73 Premium
Thanks James, stick with it, Rome wasn't built in a day etc...

The formula works :-) Best wishes for your online success! Jules
Kellsy Premium
Thanks Jules, You too!
RosanaHart Premium Plus
I remember that Bing and Yahoo used to have the identical scores, I think Yahoo using those of Bing by arrangement. Don't know if this is still the case.
Jules73 Premium
Thanks for clarifying that Rosana, couldn't understand how one was showing and not the other, as they are both the same, yes?

As in Yahoo is powered by Bing?
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Yes, I think so.
Rachele4 Premium
Superior work!
Jules73 Premium
Thank you Rachele :-)
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations. What you are doing is working.
Jules73 Premium
I hope so Lisa, it's good to see results all the same. Jules