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Greetings friends!I’m back after a bit of hiatus. I took some time off from both my actual work and my online business for the summer to recuperate a bit.I’ve been focusing on my Wealthy Affiliate promoting Bootcamp site since beginning of this year like I shared in my last post way back in May. Unfortunately my news aren't that good this time...I published a post on it almost daily for the first part of the year. After a while my efforts were paying off and my results started to im
Hello dear WA folks!I've been less active within the community for the past couple of months so I thought that I little update would be in order.First of all, I'm doing fine, except that I'm extremely busy with work, my business and life in general. I realized I had limited resources so I had to prioritize my efforts.For the time being, especially with the lock down and all, I had to set my day job at a higher priority as people are dependent on my services and this is the busiest time of the y
Just wanted to share this quick with you guys! My WA site is picking up traffic pretty nicely but I've had some technical issues the past couple days and was feeling stressed yesterday.Then I received a message from Kyle, I had made my first premium referral! Really cheered my up, just 299 to go ;).Another funny thing happened. Some time ago a website owner contacted me if I could link my senior strength training site to their resource. I politely asked if they go recirpocate.Well yesterday he
March 28, 2020
I didn't even realize I've written the 100th post in my Bootcamp site this week! I'm actually at 102 currently and I'm aiming for 400, so there is still a lot of work to be done but hey, it's a good start!There are 279 days left of this year so I'm probably not going to hit my 400 post quota this year as I'm averaging 5 or 6 reviews / week. But I'll get close.The 500% growth in search impressions was a transient fluke just as I predicted, but my traffic has been picking up quite nicely even tho
All work no play makes Jack a dull boyAll work no play makes Jack a dull boy.Just kidding, ha :). But the COVID lock down combined with the fact that I still have a full time day job while working all nights on my business are making me feel a bit like Jack Nicholsons character in the Shining. In case you're not familiar with the movie (is that even possible?) Jack Nicholsons character becomes a caretaker to a remote hotel. He plans to use the solitude for writing but after a while gets a case
March 21, 2020
I've shared before that I love doing my initial writing in SiteContent instead of my Wordpress back office, even though I have to do converting to Thrive Architect which I'm using as my main editor.The reason I love SiteContent is the word counter. If you write all your content there, it helps you keep track on your writing goals and I love to watch the numbers go up over time.I finished a post day before yesterday (had to take a day off yesterday to maintain sanity...) and just realized I just
March 17, 2020
OK, it's official. Society has been put on hold here in Finland due to the Corona (COVID-19) virus. For the first time since the end of WWII the Finnish government has declared a state of emergency and activated emergency power legislation which has severe restrictions on peoples freedom to gather and move freely. Two basic freedoms that are the basis of our democracy. The government has banned gatherings of more than 10 people and closed down museums, theaters, libraries, swimming pools and ot
March 08, 2020
I've been writing a post on my other site almost every day this year and haven't really bothered with checking with search console and analytics results.I did every now and then but the needle didn't seem to be moving much so I decided it's better to just focus on creating content and the traffic will come.Just checked my search console. Now this is the kind of progression I like to see:Impressions have grown over 500% in less than a week. I wouldn't mind having that kind of growth for a while
I while back I wrote about how my other site got de-indexed by Google because it was down for about two weeks because of a plugin mess that went unnoticed.In short, I was so busy with my other site that I didn't notice that the other site had been down. I was of course scared that it would take very long for the I wanted to share my results if any of you happen to have the same experience. In short, don't panic! Just get your site back up and running.Here are the results from Google analytics f
February 14, 2020
I just noticed my rank had jumped to 48! I've been hovering just below 50 for a while so I was wondering if it ever nudges.Nothing more to report here, just wanted to share this with you guys quickly. This calls for a celebration! Just finished my daily post so I'm going to go watch a movie and eat some candy.P.S. My other site that got de indexed seems to be bouncing back relatively well. I'll report back in a couple of days so you guys can learn from my challenge.