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Last Update: March 01, 2017

Well I'm getting impatient, a little....I've had one website up since October 2016 and not one sell! Is that normal? I post on FB, but if wasn't for a friend here in WA I would've not received many responses on FB. What are some other ways to get traffic? Hopefully I will get some soon. It is not just the is getting the health news out to the public. I was indexed by Google soon after I published the site. If anyone has any ideas, please message me. Thanks, I am determined it is going to work ,but just getting anxious for traffic. :)

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Goson Premium
AchuthanN1 Premium
I am in the same situation as you are. I know this is going to work and so I am sticking with the training provided here.
Tezsie Premium
Just stick with the WA training. Secondly, there are great traffic and other tips in members´ blogs and training.
JMupanguri Premium
Keep on producing quality content. Never stop building. I was in the same situation like, but later realised I had not even finish my training here at WA. WA will teach you many social ways to increase your traffic.
MickFord Premium
Hi Judy, sounds like we're in the same boat, I've been on eBay, Amazon for a unique product that sells in shops but have only had 2 sales and cost me x8 times more on sales, but I now know that it's all about search engines/ranking etc.
Which is where WA colleagues come in to help, Gautam is at present helping me with this and I will be posting progress, please follow this link for details and hopefully we will both learn,
All the best,