Lockdowns Are Lifting. Thoughts?

Last Update: April 28, 2020

I'm here in Vancouver BC and according to our expert doctor who's been guiding us through this crazy situation we are getting close to having restrictions lifted.

So what do you think about that?

Is it too soon?

Or are you ready...

I'm so hoping our lives are able to start to become more normal again. After all I was a pretty big fan of how things were pre covid.

Will you be changing the way your business has been working?

It seems very clear that our world is already different and our online businesses will shift according to our lives and the people we serve with them.

Hope everyone is doing great and that life is treating you extremely well where you are in this big beautiful world of ours!

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LindaF Premium
Hi Judy another BCer I am over here in the Okanagan. My option is yes, we are ready. There will be restriction, but we do not have it so bad here in BC.Traveling will be a problem. They have called me back to work since the pandemic since We Care had been shut down, and I am ready to go back to my retirement (O:
Wdcope Premium
I have been ready, even though I work from home, it is the usual things we miss like dining at a restaurant, going to festivals, farmers markets etc. Flying where I want to go anytime.

I feel we had to be careful, yet not having the flu for 22 years and getting shots each year and very careful due to business I had been in for 22 years it became too much to understand why this affected so many.
In call centers where I worked we had the cleaning policy since the early 2000's. If someone was ill they were not permitted to stay in the row along with others so as not to infect the whole team. We compensated them, but since we were a RX facility we stressed good health, and had programs that assisted in this.

We have so many diseases that cause death each year worldwide, and no vaccines or in some cases treatments.We have followed our states rules, yet so much has become political.

The main caveat is the way we have as humans for the most part cared about our fellow man during these times. This has brought out the best in us.
I feel our business will be increasing due to the feeling one has going forward.
Forgive me if I sound a little cynical, but I at 69 years old, have been through 4 major disease breakouts, 4 recessions, gas shortages, and several major military conflicts and terrorism, along with hurricanes and other major ups and downs in life.
I am sure many can relate but this global shutdown and response to this is very hard to understand overall.

Business is starting to open up here in Ohio, USA, and other states.
I am sad that so many have lost their lives, some I even knew. I am hopeful we have learned from this and can move on even better than before.
Wish you all the best, and did not think I was going to write this much a reply, but it was all bottled up I guess.
Take care and be safe everyone.
CordeliaN Premium
I am pleased for you guys in Canada,
Sadly here in the UK we are a very long way from easing lockdown. Death toll is still 100’s and 100’s each and every day.

You are right about how things have changed and may never quite be the same again. There will be industries that may take many years to recover and may never look the same again (Cruise industry for example)

Hopefully we can take advantage of these new regimes and ways of working. I work in a men’s prison so my role is not one I can do from home....🙄, although discussions have included taking a pet resident home and keeping him chained up in the garden ...lol.... but reduced hours have meant I’m only in 2 days per week...now all I need to do is harness the procrastination and indolence and replace for motivation and faith.... 👍🤗

Stay safe and good luck with easing the lockdown

Mark1957 Premium
Hey Cordelia, good to get another UK perspective.
Where I am the infection and death figures are mercifully low, however, if the lockdown is partially lifted for "quieter" areas such as here the fear is that others from highly infected areas will travel here bringing more infections with them.
I don't envy the politicians or their advisers at all, damned if they do etc and I reckon there will be a huge public inquiry afterwards to get to the root of what did and didn't happen.
Expect finger pointing and recriminations all round!
J-KWest Premium Plus
We're actually moving back to Vancouver next month and glad things are looking better there.

I'm torn though. Desperately wanting things to go back to normal, or ar least something that resembles normal, but also worried we might be getting complacent and a little overconfident.

I'm like you though, a big fan of life pre-covid. And a much bigger fan now :-)
judym Premium
Things have been really good here so I'm sure it's going to be a great move back for you guys.

Not an easy situation at all... such crazy times.

Best wishes for a smooth move and steps towards getting back to normal. :)
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
We cannot be locked down forever. A solution to address this and future virus needs to be the new normal. Therefore, step by step easing of the lock down is a good approach. I believe the key would be “speed,” speed to quickly identify potential incidents, test, and follow-up actions to minimize community infection.

If we have those processes in place and the ability to identify and respond. We can go about our normal lives.
judym Premium
So true Stanley. I have every confidence that it will all be good, will just have pay attention as we move forward.

Judy :)