Adapting. How's That Going For You?

Last Update: Apr 20, 2020

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There's been so many changes in our lives in such a short amount of time that it's enough to make your head spin. Seems like a good time to stop and think about just how much we can adapt when necessary.

Mother Nature certainly has a way of allowing animals to adapt to their environments and circumstances so it's reasonable that we can do the same. And thank our lucky stars that we don't have to carry the load that a camel does!

There's been changes in affiliate programs like Amazon and Walmart and there's certainly changes in what matters to our customers. Their priorities have changed and will continue to do so as this whole situation continues to play out.

I'm being even more thoughtful than normal about the content that I publish. I think it's important to get the right message out but it's also important to respect that members of your audience could be going through really difficult times so that needs to be taken into account.

After all there's always ways to deliver content that's valuable, thoughtful and respectful. I've seen some people sending out really salesy messages using the pandemic and that just doesn't sit right with me.

How about you? Have you been adapting and shifting your content to take into account how people are holding up with this crazy situation or is it business as usual?

Wishing you health and wellness as we keep moving forward through these incredible times.

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I am lucky in that I have been a freelancer for the last 10 years, so working from home is what I'm used to. But the landscape of my line of work is changing for me, and I am very happy to find WA, and learn the affiliate marketing game.

My niche is permaculture, with an emphasis on gardening – growing and preserving your own food. So I have been encouraging people to start gardens. I've been putting out all the information I can on how easy it is to start a permaculture vegetable garden, and how much money they will save by not having to buy their veggies.

So I think that I am also lucky in my niche, because people are looking for ways to save money, stay healthy, and find things to do at home.

Hoping all stays well with you and yours through this madness.

Such a great niche Tracy! I've been looking at that more and more for myself but I'm so limited being in a condo.

Wishing you the very best, what you're doing is really helping people.


Continuing to work as before, just more hours since I can't leave the house. It will soon pass.


Let's hope so Mel, looking forward to things getting back to normal.

Judy :)


We are lucky to have WA and our businesses to work on. I think you are right to be mindful of those who are in difficult circumstances. That will continue to be an issue even after things start to return to some kind of normal again.

We've been adapting pretty well. Our working children have been lucky enough to have jobs in essential services and I've pretty much worked from home for the last decade or so. So we've been blessed through all of this so far.

Stay Well,


You're so right Michael. WA has made such a positive difference.

Glad you and yours are well. Stay blessed.

Judy :)

I agree Judy, but just like we have WA to keep us busy while being lockdown, others also may find a way to keep them self occupied like internet shopping etc.

Thanks for sharing.

Stay safe and bless.


I would much rather be occupied here with WA instead of spending time shopping online. That could get expensive... and it's so much more satisfying to create instead of consuming.

Take good care,

Judy :)

Agree with you. Everyone is dealing with this differently and we need to be mindful of that. Hard sales pitches would be a turn off for me on a good day. Valuable content never gets old.

Stay safe.


It's so true Debbi... it's a difficult time for people. Hope you're doing well!

Judy :)

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