Going Forward With 2019 To Win

Last Update: January 09, 2019

Springing into 2019 with life changing events from last year. Reviewing my growth and progress over 2018. Some things I am proud of, and other areas had small victories. Life also happens and how you choose to grow through the experience makes a better you. Often, we can be our own worse critic then need to be. Always choose a positive outcome as you wire your hard drive to do so.

My biggest thing for last part of 2017-2018 was dealing with my middle daughters breast cancer and watching her go through the transition. She was fighting ever step of the way as her body change with all the treatments and surgeries of reconstruction. She completed her last surgery a few weeks ago. She is back to work again building a new vigor of life and appreciation of personal growth.

She got her pink ribbon tattoo. I lost my older sister a couple years ago over the same thing over a period of six years and my niece before that. All were great souls and loving people.

Part of life is the inward journey and outward journey that molds us and shapes us. Take those lessons to learn and improve. The key is to find the balance that leads to life of daily appreciation and passion that drives you forward to live,

Progress with WA and building my web sites has been slow. I can only blame myself for doing too much on my plate. Part of my ADHD that I constantly fight with to stay focus. I did not prioritize with my to do list and other projects to remain focus so I can progress with the lessons. Because of this, I wasted time building my business. I had to start over to review.

Going Forward 2019

1. Recover from surgery on my two toes over the next 4 weeks. The short version of the story. I broke one toe and did damage to another. Making progress walking and healing. Amazing how one or two toes can throw off your balance.

2. I ended 2018 by finishing my non-fiction manuscript that will be 1 of 3 book series. Revisions and editing has been done before submission. It ended with little over 133,0000 words. The gene and niche will be Christianity/spirituality/memoir.

3. Get book published. I already started looking at self publishing and locating a publisher that I submitted to be reviewed.

4. Build my author website to build my audience platform. Website will also incorporate affiliate links what we have been learning with WA.

5. Complete WA training over the next five months.

6. Improve my writing skills by posting a minimum of once a week.

7. Stay connected to my WA community,

8. Continue my exercise routine of 3 to4 times a week, diet and sleep pattern to keep my energy up.

9. Say no to those time wasters and negative influence that fogs my thinking.

10. Balance with family members and friends while pursuing my other goals.

11. Smell the roses on my journey and take enough breaks to keep my battery charge

Those are my main goals for 2019. Blessing to you all going forward with 2019 in the WA community.

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FKelso Premium
You have an excellent agenda, and I hope you can see success in all your endeavors.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Judson,

One never knows what is around the next corner, best wishes for a creative and successful year.

Just had a niece go through the same journey, it can be so challenging.

Getting a plan together can only be topped by working that plan.

Looks like things are coming together for you, best wishes for a creative and successful year.

JudsonH1 Premium
Thank you.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
rest their gentle souls in loving peace
My condolences
I really think your Rosies should be #1
I hope this year beats the pee out of last one
Nurse Becca
JudsonH1 Premium
Yes smelling the roses is number 1 on a daily basis with thankfulness.
Marley2016 Premium
So sorry to hear of the problems - better days are
coming your way in 2019 - goal setting is essential
for anyone, if you just stick with them you are going
to do fine.
JudsonH1 Premium
Thanks goals with a passion drive you forward.
Terand Premium
Sorry to hear about your family’s situation. You do take care, Judson.
Good that you have laid down your goals for 2019! Wishing you achieve your goals and best of health and success to you! Do take care! :o)
JudsonH1 Premium
Thanks. Welcome to WA community. It is life changing as you progress in more ways then I thought. I'm still just getting started. The energy is great!
Terand Premium
Yeah, agree! Me too, still a new member. Wish you great success and healthy too, Judson! :o)