Woehoe, my third sale is a fact!

Last Update: Nov 19, 2020

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Hi Wamily, I hope you are all safe and well. I have had minimal time to work on my website and be present on the platform due to personal circumstances. However, cookies still have done the work for me and generated another sale for me. Hooray for 30-day cookies as this sale converted on day 28 :).

This is my third sale now, and my third sale is followed approx three weeks after my last sale. Having the two sales closer together is promising for more to come, I believe anyway.
Also, I can tell the impressions of my website, and the visits start increasing, and I think this is maybe due to the fact my website is close to a one-year-old celebration. Or, as alternatively, Google has changed the algorithm in my favour:)

Keep writing all, and following training, it can be done. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Have a wonderful day and wishing you all the very best on your journey.

Let's do it.

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Hi Jude,

My friend, that is awesome- yeah!!! I’m pleased to hear about your recent sale.

It looks like things are slowly working out for you. I agree that following the training is important, and it sure does work. So you're doing something right.

So happy to hear you getting another sale. Keep up the great work!

All the best,


Hi Eric, thank you so much for your ongoing support. I appreciate it.
So excited for the journey ahead.
I hope you are well and wishing you a great weekend.

Hey there, Jude,

Great Job!

Proves that even with minimal time spent on a website it still can produce commissions. Just by following what is taught in the training, most enjoy the newly found passive income streams.

And this post is a verification of that fact.

Again congratulations it looks as if your website is starting to gain traction,


Hi Calvin, thanks a lot for your support, I appreciate it.
Very true indeed, it is very encouraging to see progress and hard work done start paying off.
Have a wonderful weekend.

You're Welcome, Mam.

You have a great weakened also!

Thank you for the encouragement and reminder

You are very welcome.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Encouraging, inspiring post. Well done and congratulations

Thanks a lot for your support, I appreciate it.
Have a great weekend.

This is encouraging also for us!
I'm happy for you! Congratulations Jude!~

May there be more sales to come!~^

Rose 💕

Thanks a lot for your support Rose, I appreciate it.
Have a fabulous weekend.

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