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Hi Everybody, I knew my first anniversary was coming up, but I thought it was in a few days. However, LinkedIn brought this special day to my attention as I got a message from a follower sending me best wishes. Thanks, Lindedln for being so accurate lol.Starting with WA in December 2019In May 2019, my second daughter was born and as some mum readers may know you will start overthinking all your life choices after such significant life events. I always wanted to create an online business, but I
Hi Wamily, I hope you are all safe and well. I have had minimal time to work on my website and be present on the platform due to personal circumstances. However, cookies still have done the work for me and generated another sale for me. Hooray for 30-day cookies as this sale converted on day 28 :).This is my third sale now, and my third sale is followed approx three weeks after my last sale. Having the two sales closer together is promising for more to come, I believe anyway. Also, I can tell t
Hi wamily, I hope you are all well and safe?Just a quick update from Tropical North Queensland, it is rapidly warming up here, and summer is making its appearance. My first sale, 30 July 2020As some of you may know, I made my very first sale precisely three months ago, eight months into my online journey. A huge milestone and I most definitely couldn't get the smile off my face all day long.My second sale, 30 October 2020I am so excited to let you know that today I was happily surprised when I
Hi Wamily, I hope you are all well and safe. I just wanted to share a little heads up about using Grammarly premium when working with block editor. I slowly transfer from classic editor to block editor, and I absolutely love it. Definitely try it out, it cost a bit of time to get used to, but what a world of opportunities and more efficient way of working. Just awesome!I just couldn't quite understand what was happening with my Grammerly as it kept telling me I had a score of 100, but when I ke
Hi Wamily, I hope you are all keeping well. I wish I found the time to write and share a blog more often, but unfortunately, I struggle with the number of hours in my day. Do you know the feeling?I am aware I have been a bit quiet, and my motivation has been a bit on the lower side as well for various reasons, I am sure we all travel through these stages, its natural right?My first saleYeah, this image tells pretty close how achieving this milestone felt like. In case, you missed it, a little w
Hi WA family, I am so very excited to write this post as I have been working very hard for eight months now to accomplish the milestone of my very first sale.Yesterday I was listening to the training 4.9 where Kyle talks about setting goals. He also mentioned that probably most of us might have earned revenue at this stage. I felt a bit defeated receiving this message, as for me this very first sale didn't happen yet, despite my hard work.It was only earlier that day that I decided that I would
Level 4 completedWell, it took some time but I am delighted to let you know I have finished level 4. I am still traveling fairly slow, but I suppose at least we are still moving forwards :)I am excited to start the last level of the training level 5. I have several articles ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo, however my website traffic is still very slow. Also, I am not sure how long people on average will stay on pages, but I find visitors not staying very long on my pages. I hope to improve th
Hi WA family, I hope you are all keeping well. Just a very short post from me where I just like to share my progress on Pinterest.I absolutely love Pinterest and it is quite amazing to see the rapid grow potentials. I try to make 1-3 pins every day and I am active on Pinterest for approx 3 weeks now.yesterday I made 3 pins before going to my bed and had by far the fastest-growing impressions with my pins when I woke in the morning.Two of the pins had approx 450 impressions each and the third o
Hi WA family, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Just a short message from me to share that I, as a regular of Bing and Yahoo, have been rewarded an acknowledge by MR Google. It has not been the first time that MR Google has been kind to me and ranked one of my posts, but this is always a temporary episode. But always happy when MR google ranks a post, today and yesterday on number 9 for 2 days now with one of them. I know I will be danced out of the position soon as MR google just like to
So this picture above feels a bit like my business in development. I see thousands of things I like to do but sometimes I just got slowed down by personal development. It is just like a business and personal development are walking aside hand in hand. I would like to walk faster but I just can't. Step by step we are walking, and improving numerous skills.6 Months down the roadIt about 6 months since I have started building my business and I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It has been really one of t