My first blog ever

Last Update: August 20, 2019

Welcome to my first blog ever, and when I say ever, I mean EVER.

You see, life has always dealt me a somewhat of a hand most would be amazed if they only knew me.

I'm definitely not an open book

As I get to know a person and see who they are, that's when I decide just what and how much I wish to indulge on that person.

But back to my being a virgin blogger. Since my youth I was always taught to put my hands to things and make them work. Labor is all I knew, and i was good at it. The harder someone tried to test me, I took it as a challenge. I had the mentality of, " you'll never break me" and always wanted to outdo everyone around me. Not so much as to stand out, but more so as to I was, and am, a firm believer that hard work pays off. Work ethics speak for themselves.

From the streets to the sheets

Did I just say that? Lol But I got some people's attention. You dirty minds you.

Anyhow, so I went from working on the streets, (literally) digging trenches, tearing up sidewalks, and roads, and only maybe 40 percent of the time was with heavy equipment. Majority of the time we used shovels and 90lb jackhammers.

Throw those around everyday. You get used to it. Yet even before I'd go in to work, I still used to hit the gym. Early bird get the worm right?

It did, and I loved it. The paychecks too.

Then came the accident. SMAAASH!!!

Glass and metal everywhere. I got out of my big work truck, walked around to the other vehicle to check on the guy who was just texting and driving. Came into my lane and hit me head on.

Multiple surgeries and 3 years later,

Here I am, writing to you all from my sheets. Yup that's right, my sheets. Writing my first blog to say the least, and a WA affiliate at that.

Things have truly changed

Shoot, I'm not even 100% on how a blog is supposed to look. Lol

Now I work from home or wherever, work ethics haven't changed, just the location. More than anything I strive for my family. I push myself to learn on this journey, wanting nothing more than to be prosperous along the way.

We endured many struggles along the way and with medical expenses alone is enormous compared to the cost of living.

I ain't complaining. That isn't a trait I have. I take it as it comes. But I am determined to take what's given to me and make it beautiful.

I don't quite know where I'm at on things, but I do know I'm not comfortable enough to say I am where I want to be. Computers, Laptops even smartphones still seem to work me more than I work them. But I wont give up. I have two little faces, besides my beautiful bride of 24 years that look at me each day. I want to give them everything they deserve, (in my mind) and I wont quite trying till I see this through.

In closing

Well I'd love to say I've made a grip of money, but the truth is I'm not there yet. Haven't even made a penny. But I'm hopeful and I believe.

Met some good people along the way, helpful people, suggestive people who only want to see you amount to good things and see you reach your goals.

So thank you people. Thank you all. WA I commend you and its affiliates.

I hope one day I can do the same as well as make you proud to have known me.

Salud. May we all be blessed

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firstlearn Premium
Thank you for sharing with us Joe. I wish you well going forward.

DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for the share and we wish you the very best.
Darren & Nicola
JKulk1 Premium
WellJoe, I can tell by what you've written here that you are an excellent writer. You will definitely be successful at blogging. Jim
JSpisak04 Premium
Wow. Thank you. I honestly was never good at reading or writing, so I get a little nervous. But once I start, it seems like it just starts flowing and I hope that it goes together well. So to hear that I'm on the right track is a blessing and encouraging. So that you
klchang Premium
I respect your positive attitude, Joe.
Just like a quote I re-read:

We fall.
We break.
We fail...But then,
we rise,
we heal,
we overcome.

All the best to you, Joe and may God bless you and your loved ones (your boys are handsome).
JSpisak04 Premium
Thank you so very much. If it wasn't for Him I wouldn't have the direction I have, and determination,... well He allowed me to go through exactly what I was supposed to, to make me who I am today. So I am thankful and blessed. May He continue to bless and enrich you as well. Thanks again
Labman Premium Plus
You have made a good choice. Your bed sheets will be traded in for sheets of virtual paper. Keep the work ethic you have and apply it to your web presence and you will succeed.
JSpisak04 Premium
Thank you kindly. It's nice to hear I'm on the right track and where I should be. Cant wait