My big goals for the next 12 months.

Last Update: October 08, 2015


I know y'all don't know me very well, but I'm a huge planner. With that said, here are my big goals for the next 12 months:

  • 1)Make at least 50 websites with half of them having 100+ articles.
  • 2)Sponsor 250 referrals to Wealthy Affiliate with 75% Premium.
  • 3)“Flip” (Sell) at least 5 of my websites.
  • 4)Become an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • 5)Earn $10,000+ per month.
  • 6)Have 25K+ Twitter followers.
  • 7)Have my Facebook Business Page with 1,000+ Likes.
  • 8)Have 100+ reviews of my business on Yelp.
  • 9)Pay off student loan ($6K) and debt to my boyfriend.
  • 10)Have $45K saved for taking Erik, my mother, and myself on a round-the-world cruise in January of 2017.

I know we're already more than halfway through the week, but here are my goals for what's left of the week:

1) Add pictures/images to (There's 25+ posts there, so that's a biggie.)

2) Create and publish first podcast (essentially the same content as my first four YouTube videos)

3) Build (10 - 15 posts minimum).

4) Write 2 blogs for

5) Record 2 videos for YouTube channel.

6) Extensively test the affiliate programs I am currently a member of and report on (I'm thinking 5 hours per program, can be done concurrently.).

That's it for now, feel free to share your goals with me as well. :) I will update on my weekly goals Sunday night and my 12 month goals each month on the 8th. Also, look forward to my first 30 days with Wealthy Affiliate post on October 11th. :)

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RonAlderman Premium
Great goals and planning leads to success. I am sure you will succeed!
Pisquali Premium
Great goals, make it so.
krazykat Premium
50 websites? Wow. You lost me there. Lol.
You go girl :-)
rodeves Premium
Wow! Very ambitious but I can sense your determination and I have every confidence that you reach these goals. All the best. Now I have to work on mine!
BushiAntz Premium
Okay, I think that you should have the username TopAchiever :D Those are some really big goals and I am praying for you to achieve every single one :)

Keep me posted on your progress :D Good luck.