A site of mine was indexed today. I have no content on it yet.

Last Update: March 08, 2019

Another Short Update on Progress

I received an e-mail that said a site of mine was indexed by Google today. Sadly, I haven't posted any content to that site yet. I have written a few things, but I am not happy enough with them yet to post them. So, Yay! I think.

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Cherry21 Premium
Good job. It feels good does it not?
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Jonathon, a mentor once said to me, " hit the publish button and edit on the fly ".

Congratulations on getting that site indexed Google know you are about, the job now is to give Google a good reason to return.

Sometimes when sites are indexed with no content it can because they were a website before at some stage, so there can be a little link juice floating around.

We can check that out here,

Babou3 Premium
Great achievement!
I wish you to write good content and Google
will love that.

merlynmac Premium
Google knows you're there...that's a big step. Add that content and start generating traffic.
j52powell Premium
Great news. Congratulations!