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Another Short Update on ProgressI received an e-mail that said a site of mine was indexed by Google today. Sadly, I haven't posted any content to that site yet. I have written a few things, but I am not happy enough with them yet to post them. So, Yay! I think.
Hello again WA community,I decided its time for me to write another blog post detailing my progress. Hopefully, y'all will find this interesting and perhaps learn a few things at the same time.It took me a while to do it, but I have finally finished researching keywords for the domain name I wanted to turn into a brand using Wealthy Affiliate's Keyword Research Tool, a dictionary, and a thesaurus. I spent too much time trying many word combinations to get a domain name I could be happy with a
Hello, and thanks for your help, Wealthy Affiliate!I joined as a free member a couple days ago and started with the lessons. I was impressed with my progress and the ease of learning these new skills. After exploring the site, I took the leap and joined as a premium member.Roughly twenty years ago I built my first web page using HTML code to get a feel for whether I wanted to continue on that path. It wasn't the path for me at the time. Now I'm pushing a button and creating my first website