Reflections on Past Two Weeks

Last Update: December 31, 2016

After being a member of WA for about 10 days, I've taken time to learn more about Jaaxy and how to use it to select niches and domain purchases. I've learned of the benefit of making domain purchases through WA and a way of using the free WA sites in a most beneficial manner.

I've also begun to re-read information that I had collected before joining WA. As such, I've concluded that I need to structure a marketing plan for myself as it relates to each blog. I must develop a 30-day and 60-day Plan which will include a re-write of my profile to explain the focus of each of my blogs and why.

I have a number of interests based on my vocational and professional experiences that I believe can be of benefit to others. I have learned that to the extent that my writings benefit others, interest in each blog will grow. To the end of helping others, I will find and select affilliate programs that I would personally use. I will explain why a particular link may or may not be helpful.

After, and or concurrent with blog development, I will work to learn more about setting up of domains and moving existing domains to the WA portal.

There is so much to learn here. I am so excited that I want to rush through things, but already I realize that I must control my enthusiasm and learn the steps to on-line success in a systematic manner. The system is at hand and I intend to use it to the fullest. Happy New Year!

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MKearns Premium
A great start. Keep it up in 2017!
Mhangami Premium
Welcome to WA family. We shall utilize our experiences together in 2017.