Why you, why me?

Last Update: January 12, 2016

How we got here is not by fluke, we got here with a persons passion for the business and their love of the community.

We all took a leap of faith in hopes that we could achieve our dreams, either by paying off bills, to learn somethin new and educate ourselves or just by looking for new steady income. I know that what you found, was way more than just a way out of the grind, we found a community that continues to support each and everyone of us.

You couldn't find this type of support from any another group online, we found each other.

Im so glad I'm part of it!!!!

I'm sending this to thank you all for your tips and advice to date, so very helpful and encouraging!


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Jrowlands Premium
Thank you, you too!
SJB Premium
I am happy to be a part of it too! ;)
JudeP Premium
Good luck moving forward :)