How I make setting up my autoresponder messages easier!

Last Update: June 17, 2016

When I am getting ready to set up messages in my autoresponder, I create an outline of the topics I am going to cover. I could be setting up a training course or follow up emails on a business such as Wealthy Affiliate. So I want to be somewhat organized.

The great thing about using autoresponders in online marketing, is that I can pre-set all my messages to go out on a certain schedule, i.e. every two days, once a week, whatever I set them for. It is like having my own virtual assistant to follow up with potential clients.

Setting up the messages is not that difficult if it is done step by step. I prepare the message or

messages in a text program such as NotePad or Word. I always di it on my computer before even attempting to load the message(s) into the autoresponder. This way I can save a copy of each locally in case I need to edit them or reload them in the future. This also allows me to run them thru spell check and to make sure that they are formatted properly.

Here of some of the guidelines I use:

As far as formatting....

- I make each line only 55 to 60 characters long counting spaces. This length will normally look good in most email programs. If you use 60 to 75 characters, in many email programs it will cause the line to wrap around to the next line for one or two words which really looks bad.

- Place a hard return (use the "Enter" key on your keyboard) at the end of each line or it will continue to flow across the page until it hits either a hard return or the margin of the browser page and then it will wrap around to the next line depending on the browser being used. Also make sure there is a hard return at the end of each paragraph. If you just keep on typing with out any hard returns, the message will probably be emailed as one big paragraph.

- I email myself a copy of the messages to check the spelling and format again and make any necessary changes. I feel it is important to send it to myself before using it so that I know it looks pretty good. Sometimes I may miss a return at the end of one line and I will end up with this one line sticking out across the whole page and it really looks bad.

I try to remind myself that the person receiving the message or messages may make a judgement as to my business professionalism and whether he or she wants to deal with me or work with me in my business. So I always make it look and sound good.

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With-Kev Premium
I agree you need to make your message personal, so it sounds like you are addressing the reader personally. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Kev
JReinbold Premium
Thanks Kevin. Glad I could share my thoughts.
JudeP Premium
Thank you for sharing this :)
JReinbold Premium
Your welcome! Joe
theresroth Premium
I think making it sound and look good is in such a case the only professional approach, and will probably serve you well.

Thank you for this information!