New Year, new goals

Last Update: January 28, 2018

After a month-long vacation with the family, I am back =)

The big challenge is to get back in the groove.

Being in hibernation for almost a month, seeing again this very vibrant community is very inspiring =)

So what is in store as I start 2018? I guess the first step is to get the system back and running... update posts, reply to messages and make sure all are aligned since the break =)

Also, to plan what my 2018 version 2.0 goals will be...

I am looking forward again to meet everyone... 2018 is our year! =) Cheers!

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MarkBa Premium
Wishing you all the best of your goals for 2018! ~Mark
jrandrade07 Premium
Thank you Mark.. Happy New year =)
Roybretton Premium Plus
It's great to see you are back JR, it's a New Year and each day we have an opportunity to do new things, I hope the 2018 will be a great year for you.

jrandrade07 Premium
Great to see you too Roy =) Cheers to us this 2018!
MKearns Premium
Good to see you back JR.
jrandrade07 Premium
Great to see you back Michael =)