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It has been almost seven months since my last blog and it also marks my 19th month here in our WA community.Months may have passed that I didn’t share anything but it has been a tremendous life-changing 7 months of our lives. My wife Issa and I found our latest business venture and it’s all about sharing the amazing health benefits of pure essential oils. We are proud to share that we are now Independent Distributors of Young Living, the world leader in pure essential oils. We st
February 27, 2017 marked the first day I signed up in the free 7-day trial here at WA.My motivation was to simply learn how to create a website. It was part of a personal 2017 new year’s challenge for me to learn something new. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a life-long journey and my baptism to this new found digital world. I must admit that I am still a work in progress but with the acquired knowledge I have now, I was able to do the following: (in no particular
January 28, 2018
After a month-long vacation with the family, I am back =)The big challenge is to get back in the groove.Being in hibernation for almost a month, seeing again this very vibrant community is very inspiring =)So what is in store as I start 2018? I guess the first step is to get the system back and running... update posts, reply to messages and make sure all are aligned since the break =)Also, to plan what my 2018 version 2.0 goals will be...I am looking forward again to meet everyone... 2018 is ou
December 20, 2017
Few days to go and it’s the merriest time of the year again. I always remember my parents telling me to always be nice because dear Santa Claus can see me always and is making a list. (talk about the song..hehehe)But lemme' ask these? When was Santa revealed to you? Or better yet, when did you know about the truth about Santa Claus? and when is the best time to reveal our kids or young ones the real nature of Santa?SPOILER ALERT – If you still believe that Santa Claus exists, pleas
Imagine this. A Wealthy Affiliate Meet-up gathering in your country or local area.Wouldn’t it be nice to see in person all the men and women who share the same passion? I know we are a vibrant online community, but having to meet the Kyles, the Carls, the Jays, the Johns and the Janes who have inspired us, I believe, will make us one stronger family. Having seen the top-brass make it to Las Vegas every year, I am 100% sure that more than the perks, it is the communal gathering that inspi
Do you speak another language aside from English? Are you fluent in it? Do you wish to supplement your earnings in this online entrepreneurship journey? I know we are trained here in WA with all the aspects of being a great online entrepreneur, but I’d like to share that aside from this amazing journey, another income generating field is being an online translator. In my journey so far, aside from building my own niche websites, I decided to venture in online translation. With Filipin
December 07, 2017
It's that time of the year again when we plan resolutions / goals / aspirations for the upcoming year. I remember almost the same time last year, I was thinking what my 2017 Goals and Resolutions will be... one of it and this is surprising me till now - to learn to create my very own website.Yes, last year before even learning about the Wealthy Affiliate Community or learning how to make a website in general, all I had was a plan, a dream that hopefully in 2017, I will find an online tutorial o
When I started my WA journey last March 2017, I was initially doubtful whether my plans will work... is WA worth the investment and the time? But I always tell myself, just like the advice of the thousands of successful peeps helped by this community, patience is a virtue and there is no overnight millionaire in this industry.Fast forward to 8 months, today, I am slowly seeing its success as I've managed to break in the $ 5 revenue for the month of November 2017. Taken from my Google Ad Sense a
Just yesterday, I created a blog about me being 5 months here in WA.. to my surprise, I received a 6 month badge today... then i counted, indeed, it has been 6 months! =) Truly, time flies when you are enjoying what you do... to all of us here in the community, cheers! I am looking forward for the next months and years! =)
Finally, another blog entry. I have been on a little hibernation to attend on family matters and now I am back roarin' and getting to know the latest happening in our community =) To start, happy to know that I have now been 5 months since WA changed my online world. Also, though I have been away, or a little bit inactive for almost a month, i checked my Google Adsense account and to my surprise, it still managed to earn =) That's the beauty of this program... if there is one thing I love that