One year with WA - an Anniversary testimonial

Last Update: February 27, 2018

February 27, 2017 marked the first day I signed up in the free 7-day trial here at WA.

My motivation was to simply learn how to create a website. It was part of a personal 2017 new year’s challenge for me to learn something new.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a life-long journey and my baptism to this new found digital world.

I must admit that I am still a work in progress but with the acquired knowledge I have now, I was able to do the following: (in no particular order of importance..hehehe)

  • Created and currently managing 5 active websites
  • Created 3 Training here in WA
  • Creatively shared my passion thru my niche websites
  • Blogged more than a dozen articles here in WA
  • Written close to 100 articles for my sites
  • Earned past 100 USD doing Affiliate Marketing (it truly works!)
  • Met and engaged conversationally close to 500 like-minded and enthusiastic friends here in WA
  • Enjoyed the high-tech and very information rich WAbiners (both live and replay)
  • Been helped by the ever-prompt Site Support team (they are really awesome and very helpful)
  • Was able to chat with Kyle and Carson (the creators) – on a topic I asked them personally
  • Was confident enough to offer my service professionally in terms of creating and managing a website

These are just some of the things I acquired being here in the WA community.

If there is one thing I love about this journey is that I realized that knowing and understanding how to make a website plus all the knowledge-based info I have learned here is like having an arsenal of information and skill that is very important in our modern globalized era.

I may not know how to code but I am glad and proud to say that I can create a website, literally from scratch.

All of these I managed, while enjoying family time with my wife and kids and being gainfully employed as a media practitioner here in the Middle East.

To Kyle, Carson, WA team, and to all like-minded friends here, thank you for the support.

WA can change lives. I am a living and work-in-progress proof =)

Maraming Salamat po! Shukran Jazilan! Muchas Gracias! Thank you very much! =)

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AriefWibowo Premium
I had the same experience. WA really gave more values to my life!
jrandrade07 Premium
That's fantastic Arief =) Thank you =)
MarkBa Premium
That's awesome. - Mark
jrandrade07 Premium
Thanks Mark =)
JeannineC Premium
Pretty cool! That's amazing that you've done so much. Can't wait to see what you'll do in Year 2!
jrandrade07 Premium
Hi Jeannine, thanks =) I am equally excited too what lies ahead =) Cheers to us =)
Belden22 Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing your experience over the past year.

I have only been here two months and am working hard on my day job and at WA and loving it. They only issue is finding enough hours in the day for everything.

I don't know how things will go or how long it will take but I am hopeful for the future.

It encourages me to hear experiences like yours, so thank you.

jrandrade07 Premium
Hi Rick, you’re welcome =) yeah, getting the right balance is the key and I am sure, at your own pace, you’ll get the hang of it =) Good luck bro... cheers to our journey =)
chrisbailey Premium
Congrats and great job JR.

Thanks for sharing.

Keep on working and we'll see you around.
jrandrade07 Premium
You’re welcome Chris =)