7 Months and it has changed my Family’s life

Last Update: September 17, 2018

It has been almost seven months since my last blog and it also marks my 19th month here in our WA community.

Months may have passed that I didn’t share anything but it has been a tremendous life-changing 7 months of our lives.

My wife Issa and I found our latest business venture and it’s all about sharing the amazing health benefits of pure essential oils.

We are proud to share that we are now Independent Distributors of Young Living, the world leader in pure essential oils.

We started out as users first towards the latter part of 2017. It was introduced to us by Issa’s sister-in-law and we simply used it in our family. We simply received roller blend oils and we were very happy with it. To our surprise, it actually worked. We use less pharmacy-bought medicines and we always feel good every day.

Ok, let me put a disclaimer. I believe that it may not be for everyone and it’s not like a product that can produce benefits on a catch-all market. Just like any product that we buy, some worked for others, some do not. For our family, Young Living essential oils worked.

It was on early March 2018, we decided to step it up a notch and we got our own Premium Starter Kit.

On May 2018, we finally decided to share it with our family and friends to build a business out of it.

So did I leave WA? Absolutely not. I used my knowledge here to adopt a website template which I subscribed to help share Young Living, and I continued supporting and updating all the other websites I have created for the past 19 months.

In fact, one of the joys in the Young Living venture is that it helped sustain our subscription here in WA - that in itself super inspired us =)

Moreover, we are able to share the health benefits these oils can bring to everyone.

We were once skeptic especially that the business model is Network Marketing. But after being immersed with it, if a product is excellent, sharing it is just second nature. I have proven that Network Marketing, given the right product, is actually a good business model.

Just like here in WA, we believe that the WA system is one of the best, if not the best, platform to learn about Affiliate Marketing, that’s why we continuously share it and inspire those who want to learn and create their own website and build an online business.

WA actually started our quest for an online business. Young Living solidified our belief that Network Marketing is profitable, given the right company and the right products.

Let us inspire you to join us in the world of pure essential oils.

To know more about it, message us, we'll guide you. It’s Oil Because of You =)

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A good testimony.
Keep up the work going
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Thank you Phakacha =)