I Give Up!

Last Update: August 25, 2015

Well I dont really...

What has happened is this. I rediscovered an old blog that I had set up and nearly got going on. The title of the blog clickhereweightloss.com This I believe is a great domain as it has a direct call to action in the name "Clickhere" and obviously weight loss is a great market. It is predicted to be worth some 220billion by 2019. Even just a fraction of the % of that would reap huge rewards...

Anyway I thought why not list it and sell it on ebay as I really do not have the time to develop it. Oh my oh my..

Ebay comes out with a "oh no no no" this cannot be listed because it violates our selling guidelines. Something along the lines of promoting things for sale outside of Ebay. I really could not get my head round what they were going on about then noticed I needed to add some extra confirmation to enable a selling account. I did that and went happily back to the listing to be told the same thing. Hmmm then noticed I needed to add a paypal account so off I toddled to paypal filled out the form to then be told "No this account cannot be used for this type of activity" This so far had taken me some two hours so I gave up and thought "Oh I no use flippa" So off I trundeled to flippa. Filled out the form quickly set up good old Google Analytics to be verified to then be told we need to verify you and this cannot be done at moment. At this point I gave up on the selling entirely and wrote a review of some product...

Who know what will happen!


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Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, worst case scenario here you build a website on it. You are not going to make money selling domains, in particular if they don't have established high traffic websites associated with them...at which point you would earn much more money keeping it.

The only time I ever recommend someone get into domain selling is if they have a lucrative website and they simply lose the passion for what they are doing and want to see if they can fetch a pretty penny for it. Otherwise, you are far better of building an actual "business" from a website.

Remember, it only takes ONE website to earn a full time income online.
JPSaggs Premium
Thanks for that Kyle. I shall refrain from the sale. I actually enjoyed writing the post when I got into it... Heres to tomorrow. Its 5.30am here and my night shift is nearly over...