WA, And The Ripple Effect Of It's Obscure Aspect

Last Update: July 21, 2016

Hey Friends

There are so many layers to WA, it's hard for me to know how, or where to begin this post, and so I pause and ponder over where to start. Feeling overwhelmed, I pace, then pour myself a coffee, adding a splash of Scotch in good measure.

My Toolbox

As a Craftsman and Artist, I have a variety of tools , which each has a use. In my Writing Tool Box, WA is one of my favs. Though I don't promote WA in an Affiliate sense, I have no problem giving this site my total support, when and where I can, or that my posts/training be used as a reference for my other WA associates/friends to use them for promotional needs. In short, it's an important add in to my Tool Box, and as it grows, so do the ways I can use it.

When I first joined WA a few years ago, I was pretty much computer illiterate, two years later, I find myself teaching others, who've been using a computer for years, and for most part thanks to WA.

The Obscure Side of WA

Is WA mostly for beginners?

You certainly can join knowing diddly squat about website building, and in no time at all be well on your way. That said WA is multifaceted, and the more one learns here, the more you discover what I like to call "the Obscure Side of WA"

The Eat and Run Mindset

You can choose to join, take all you can, as fast as you can and leave, it is your prerogative. Or you can decide to stay, start up some serious Networking, and that's where the good stuff really starts, and least that's how I see it.

Where the Magic begins.

Deep inside WA's corridors, much invisible to the eyes of a novice, is assembled a group of Elite Entrepreneurs, gathered around, tending and sharing a flame, a Heartbeat. So does there exist a Secret Society within WA, that promotes success and advanced learning for others?

The Truth Unveiled!

They will have eyes, but will not see

A Secret is only a secret to the one who's not aware of it. The only secret that does exist, is in fact not that big of a secret, it's about getting "out there", here's an example;

You move in to a new community, and for a few months you don't socialize, in fact you go out to the store, head back home, After a while people don't take much notice to you, well same thing can happen here. If you want to discover the true potential that exists at WA, much beyond the price your membership, then you must begin socializing.

Networking is King

You need to Network and create Rapport, then you'll begin to understand that WA is not only about personal success, it's about everybody's success. As you begin Networking, creating genuine Rapport as well as making Friends, you'll be astounded at how many knowledgeable people come rushing in to lend a hand, helping you succeed, as you will for others.

So get out here, and experience the true Nature of WA...

That's all for now Folks:)

Later Gators



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Roybretton Premium Plus
Well said Joseph and thank you! I hear what you're saying and this is so true, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and to network, helping each other as we go!
Jozeph Premium
It's an Awesome place, created by amazing people
Thanks Roy
mariamaria Premium
Inspiring Jozeph!
Jozeph Premium
Thanks Maria, much appreciated
Elijah1916 Premium
Thanks Joseph, I devote at least an hour a day to reading and learning from blogs on WA. I respond if I have something to chip in. People who keep out of WA community are loosing a lot. There are much learning from the community examples than classrooms, since these are actual real life experiences. Such people are not taking in full advantage of community spirit. Thanks for bringing this out.
Jozeph Premium
The Secret is out, as the cat is out of the bag !
Have a good one Elijah
RaeAnnePond Premium
Hello Joseph,
I love your post, it is full of great information, giving anyone who reads - regardless of their position within WA, hope. At least that's how I see it. Thank you.
God Bless,
Rae Anne
Jozeph Premium
we're definitely of one mine Rae Ann.
Thanks :)
JudeP Premium
A lovely, positive start to my day, thank you Joseph :)