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October 17, 2017
Most of the old Guys/Gals on here know me, so for you this is just an update.I returned from the Middle East, and yes, had a part of my left foot amputated. However, my return would not have been possible, without Your help.I will be posting over the next few days, yes it's been a challenge to rise up againJust a quick thank YouWA RocksBlessingsJ
Hey FriendsJust thought I'd drop in, say hello and tell you guys what I've been up to...I've been working hard to meet my pre-launch deadline, which will be on the 22 of August, and it's been one heck of a learning curve. One aspect of this trip I've really come to realize, is that you have to master separating what's real from the Camel Dung (aka bullshit ). I'm very careful what terms I use here, or this post might well wind up ;The one real challenge I've faced, is that after working here a
July 21, 2016
Hey FriendsI know it's been a while, been busy and all is good. I just want to drop this off...Miss you Guys, a lot...Later GatorsJosephBeirut
Hey FriendsI've come to realize that many new members don't realize the depth here at WA. Neither do they understand the question and answer platforms. Ergo that WA is for beginners, a concept generated by a misunderstanding, or a little explained, come secret about WA. Post Modern Online realtyMaybe it's just because WA is simply built that way, we do tend to overlook the fact that success is built on networking, we tend to think that everyone knows that. Especially those of us who are succe
I've been so busy and bust lately, I've had no time to drop in. However, a few days ago, I read a post written by a good Friend of mine, tittled; Spambassadors. Interestingly enough,after inspecting this "Spambassador" content, I found no spam in this young Ambassador's articles, what I did find was savvy, he's using "Branding" the right way.I followed him...Later GatorsJosephBeirut
Hey FriendsThere are so many layers to WA, it's hard for me to know how, or where to begin this post, and so I pause and ponder over where to start. Feeling overwhelmed, I pace, then pour myself a coffee, adding a splash of Scotch in good measure.My ToolboxAs a Craftsman and Artist, I have a variety of tools , which each has a use. In my Writing Tool Box, WA is one of my favs. Though I don't promote WA in an Affiliate sense, I have no problem giving this site my total support, when and where
Hey FriendsI know, Tuesday is the worse day to pick to write a Blog. I mean really, you're lucky to get 30 likes and twenty comments. That said, this is my inspiration, regardless of what day it is. It's 4:30 am, I'm just rising, getting ready to work. I pour my first caff, stand and stare out towards Beirut, from my small yet quaint rooftop live in Studio. The Sun is breaking dawn, yet I can't see Beirut, there's been no garbage pick up for over a year., top that off with the fact that there's
Hey FriendsAs the title shows, though keywords are often used, they lose value if not genuine.I Love Keywords, no let me rephrase that. I Love Longtail Keywords, why?Longtail Keywords are a challenge, they come in all shapes and sizes, twisted words and tenses. Making them work, fitting them into a text can be a #$@ of a job. Personally, I've spent the time that it would take me to write a 1000 word article on placing a valuable longtail in my first 150 words. Is Google changing?Well yes and n
Hey FriendsThought I'd share a little something I've been reflecting on, actually it's not that little of a thing. It's mostly about how we can at times take certain things for granted,and without realizing it at the time, ends up being at our own detriment. So what triggered what I'm about to share?These thoughts have been lingering in my mind for quite a few days now, and began to churn away after reading a beautiful post, composed by a dear Friend right here @ WA. I don't need to name who th
Hey FriendsHope we're all having a great weekAbout NetworkingWe all know about the importance of keywords right? However as we move along, building our websites, something of even greater importance comes along, and that is networking. Your social networks are gold, I won't get too deep into this, as I'm linking this blog to an awesome post written by someone I consider as also being a great guy. Branding Your Self. One of the most basic tools we have to brand ourselves is our photo. Choose it