Quitting? Who me?

Last Update: July 22, 2020

Yes, I was ready to quit today!!! But I'm not a quitter!!

Today was the day I was ready to hit the button!

Several reasons or EXCUSES why I was ready to throw in the towel!

  • No longer have the motivation I once had after starting 3 years ago! ( 3 years flew by!)
  • No time to devote to this ( There is 24 hours in a day!)
  • Throwing money away every year ( $359 year, that's $29 a month). Not a lot in my book...
  • Takes away from other things I want to do ( My gardening, singing, painting, house cleaning), did I just say I like to clean house? UGG LOL
  • Time just gets away from me....

My reasons why I'm staying and you should too!

  1. Keeping my motivation by thinking back why I started this. (MY GOALS IN THE BEGINNING).
  2. Gonna create a DAILY goal of giving myself 1 hour a day to learn and 1 hour to create my site AND CHECK IT OFF!
  3. Money isn't everything and I can sure afford $29 a month. Education is expensive, this is not.
  4. This is important to me just like everything else I do in my life. I will create a daily log of what should I do TODAY and EVERYDAY!
  5. Making myself aware of my time for everything I plan on doing for the day and stick with it.

My vision board is a creation of how I want my life to be. Work hard and reap the rewards...Nice to be back on track!

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    JeffreyBrown Premium
    Great reasons to stay, Joyce, and you are exactly right! Education IS expensive and doesn't even come close to offering all the added benefits here in WA!

    Joyce122 Premium
    You said a mouthful Jeff! Thanks for responding!
    FKelso Premium
    Good for you! Don't quit -- that's for losers. We are winners.

    Setting up a daily "to do" list will really help you keep on track and budget your time wisely. We all have the same amount of time, but there are different ways to use it. We must learn the right ways.
    Joyce122 Premium
    I totally agree! Thanks for chiming in!!
    Joyce122 Premium
    Great advice ! That is the one thing I do need to work on mostly is the "to do list", then everything else will fall into place ... Thanks for your input.. :)
    josimrasm Premium
    It´s a very interesting blog you just have written.
    Let me say one thing: It´s necessary to have a burning desire for the things you choose to work with.
    I can see, that you many "balls in the air" at the same time. That leads to that you will never be good for anything.
    In this case here you need to have a passion for what you will do. You can´t spread you over all these actions you are telling us.
    My advice: Select one thing you have a real passion for and you will succeed with whatever you choose.

    Wish you great success.
    Joyce122 Premium
    I do find it hard when I work 5 days a week.. I know prioritizing my time is key to staying focused. Thanks for your advice! Very well needed!☺
    TyroneW2 Premium
    get that engine restarted and keep moving, we are with you!
    Joyce122 Premium
    Thanks Tyrone! I appreciate that!😃
    Xoda Premium
    Never quit!!!
    Joyce122 Premium