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August 01, 2020
So here I am at work on Friday and now today which is Saturday, and waiting for my clients to get here for their appontments and so glad I brought my laptop so I can work on my page that I'm almost ready to publish. Normally it's kind of hassle to work on WA while I am at work, butsince I been out of the loop for quite some time I figured I would make the most of my downtime and take my mini laptop to work with me instead of sitting around in the back room playing on my phone. This makes the ti
July 22, 2020
Yes, I was ready to quit today!!! But I'm not a quitter!!Today was the day I was ready to hit the button!Several reasons or EXCUSES why I was ready to throw in the towel!No longer have the motivation I once had after starting 3 years ago! ( 3 years flew by!)No time to devote to this ( There is 24 hours in a day!)Throwing money away every year ( $359 year, that's $29 a month). Not a lot in my book...Takes away from other things I want to do ( My gardening, singing, painting, house cleaning), di
Two years with Wealthy Affiliate came quick! and it's amazing what I have accomplished since I started here. I am so proud to get my achievement award today, it makes me feel real good and very proud of it, and that is why I am writing today. I've had many people help me through the process of deciding if I should stay or go when I was ready to quit! So thankful for that!The road ahead I knew was long, and I've made the decision to continue on my journey ahead, thanks to the many folks that are
June 13, 2019
My latest post here was August 2018, what happen to me??I really need some clarity on something. Should I continue after being doing this for 2 years?No success yet, but I'm sure it's my own fault. I got my website going, but not profit ready, still going through the lessons and finding hard to move further with it at times. I signed up with Amazon while back for them to let me go cause I couldn't get enough traffic. I feel sorta overwhelmed and frustrated. I want to do one thing at a time but
I am in at Crossroads at this time in my life where I am trying to figure out which way to go. It took me quite some time to really come to reality of it all.Let me start off by saying I'm independent hair stylist, and have rented a booth for the last 6 years. The last four years have been a truly big struggle for me, and there are many reasons why. 1. I've changed salons 3 times in the last 6 years, If the owner of the building where the first salon was located did not sell, I would still be t
Wow! It's been one year and I have accomplished so much!, earning my 1 year badge means I have so much to feel great about...( pat on the back!) What a great feeling it is actually to know that I have come so far in one short year. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know I could have gotten so much farther in a smaller amount of time, but actually life can really get in the way. I can sit here and tell you about all the things that have happened, but who want to hear tha
There have been many ups and downs here with WA, haven't been here a year yet, but I tell you, I have learned a tremendous amount of information here, and if I really applied myself 100% then I wouldn't have to work anymore! I truly believe that....but I love what i do... And right now that is a hairstylist, business owner. There are many aspects of my business, just like there is with being an affiliate marketer..... If you take your business serious then you will be successful. If you take
April 24, 2018
Finished Course 2 and moving onto Course 3, Lesson 1! Woohoo!. What a great feeling of accomplishment!! This is where the rubber meets the road! Time to hit the accelerator and get to where I want to be!! Wealthy Affiliate is the right destination for me, and for anyone that wants to build a website and create an online business presence can do it too just like I'm doing and many other Wealthy Affiliate members.... Just takes work, persistence and determination....
March 07, 2018
In four months I will be here for 1 year with WA, and within the 8 months that I am here I have learned so much!! I've learned to build website which is a great accomplishment for me, I've learned to blog, and have made much progress in my certification. I guess for the amount of time I have been here I wanted to have it all finished, but time does, and can get in the way. I'm very proud of what I have accomplished so far and I know I have more to learn. My goal in the next 4 months is to get
February 18, 2018
I find that when putting time to learning makes a world of difference when creating my website, and learning about pages, posts, and blogging especially. This has been brought to my attention from the network of friends here. So much to learn but it's very rewarding to say the least. What I love here at Wealthy Affiliate is how helpful everyone is, and when someone gives you feedback on your website, and makes you aware of things really is an eye opener for me. I appreciate each and everyone th