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June 05, 2017
Hi Everyone,I'm after some honest testimonials for my WA review on my site. If any of you get time would you share your opinions and experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. Preferably a paragraph or so, within that region will be fine if its longer it should be fine aswell. If you would like me to put yours on my website can you PM me your testimonialCheers Everyone and Have a Great Day:P,Josh
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The last week as been quite unproductive as i havent been able to post due to personal issues. However about 3 weeks back I went into a better routine and started posting everyday and ive started to see considerable progress in referrals and traffic since.I havent made a great deal of money yet but im making good progress and every month i work on my site is another step in the right direction for me and I know that the money will come in time.I also made another investment and brought a new ni
I havent uploaded many blogs of my progress here at WA but from now on in im going update it every month. It is my 7th month of being a member here and my 4th month with my site up under my own domain.In that time I have achieved:50 Posts on my site150 Comments - Havent spent much time with these so ill work on getting some more on my site5 Pages10 WA Blog Posts40% Site Trust3,350 Twitter FollowersFollowing 3,600 Other WA members925 Wealthy affiliate followersWA Rank of 282It feels like ive bee
February 20, 2017
Recently within the last couple of weeks ive been getting more into the social media side to see if i can optimize a social media account to drive more traffic to my website.I think it was around a month a go that i logged into my twitter account for the first time in about a couple of months or so to find literally only 10 people following me. If any of you have seen or remember i did upload a post of goals that i want to achieve in 2017. One being get to 500 followers. Well now i have achived
January 06, 2017
Hi Guys, Hows everyone doing?Got some good news, a couple of days ago i mangaged to recieve my first page 1 ranking on googleThis is great for me has this was a high competitive keyword of a 100 Qsr which i targeted. Although this isnt the best of example, as Kyle recommended that you should only target keywords under 50, but still it shows that it does work and is possible to achieve high rankings within googleI hope i can go on to achieve greater things in the coming months, maybe even a 1st
December 28, 2016
Hi Guys, WIth 2016 coming to an end i thought id make some goals for myself to achieve here on WA in 2017Ive been here for 6 months now and I'd love to achive these goals by May/June/July time next year.Have 120 posts on my site1200 comments on my siteAchieve my first month where i can pay for the monthly subsciptionGain 250 Followers on Google+ (Currently on 25)Gain 250 Followers on Twitter (Currently on 50)Have a Second Site Up and Running with at least 30 writen postsCreate an Ebook for my s
December 23, 2016
Recently i have to admit its been a struggle, Im entering my 6th month here at WA and am just about to reach 30 posts on my site aswell as 100 comments.However I've come up with plan where I've made a list of 40 post ideas to be put into 6 categories on my site. My aim now is to try and make progress by the time ive posted my 40th post of the listt. If I don't make any progress it wont be a big issue as i'll just re evaluate my progress and go from there. I hope i can get this to work in time!
Hi guys, Just thought I'd share with you today this great tool that's been helping me to write all my blogs without any grammatical errors. In the past especially when I started my website my posts were crawling with errors everywhere that I had to search through it all myself to correct and even then there were still errors lol.The tool I use is called Grammarly and its a little add on that you are able to install on to your browser. Unlike your normal spell check that you get on the word, thi
Hi guys im back after about a day without premium, I decided to go into my second month with premium to see if i can gain more success on top of what i achieved in the first month. Overall ive spent about $85 dollars and have only made $8 back from taking on the training at WA. One of the biggest reasons why i renewed my subsciption was because of this great community here and that when i first joined back in july i didnt realise how helpful and supportive you were all gonna beAll i can do now
November 15, 2016
With my first month trial i come to the descion of whether to continue paying monthly for WA or not. i have learnt loads since i started 3 months a go and want to carry on doing so and gain more success.My website is slowly getting better with posts at least once every three days, although i am aiming for daily posting. im not gonna lie i am struggling with traffic and writing good lengthy content which i would aim to improve in is hard and at sometimes i do feel like quittingIm going t