Are You Suffering From Writer's Block From Time to Time?

Last Update: November 29, 2014

Are you suffering from writer's block from time to time?

5 Tips to make things easier for you.

You have to write a new article on a subject and you are stuck! You are like the famous actor who has to decide on a new script after his latest success movie. The woodworker who has to make a design for the new cabinet he wants to make. The artist looking for inspiration for his new piece of art. They all struggle from time to time, just like you who want to write a new article.

Give yourself a break.

Understanding writers block is not always easy, because you cannot measure it on a scale from one to ten, therefore you cannot tell when it is over and what amount of time you will need to finish the piece you want to write. It is important though that you give yourself plenty of time to finish the job. Laying too much pressure on yourself will only make things worse, however there are a few things you can do to make things easier for yourself.

How research can help you.

Though you probably don’t have to deliver a scientific piece of work, thorough research of your topic can help you write more quickly and much easier. The more you know of your topic, the easier you will write about it. Open a few tabs on your topic on Google, start reading and take notes. Write your piece according to your notes, use them as the framework of your article.

Discuss your topic with others, it can benefit you.

Talking with your family, friends or colleges about your topic can help you get new ideas on your topic you were not aware of. You can discuss your topic on social media with your friends. You might get some controversial opinions on your topic which you can use in your article. Maybe you can even write a vs. –vs. article.

Just write, write and…. write.

Sometimes it is better to just write about your topic without the concern of spelling errors or the right format of your article. You can make changes later. When you are in a flow, you can better let it go, write on and worry about other things later. Write the things or ideas that come up down immediately so you keep the flow while it is there. Don’t worry about keywords, your writing for your audience and you can slide in some keywords later as you wish.

The subject your writing about is not appealing to you, this is how you finish it.

Sometimes you have to write about a subject you are not interested in or don’t know much about. Research, mentioned earlier in this post can help you out. Another thing to help you is to divide your article in chunks and write about each piece at a time. One piece a day or our or whatever you find suitable. Setting goals can help you finish the job and you stay motivated along the way.

I hope this post can help you overcome your writer's block. To summarize it for you here the points to help you;

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Research is king
  • Discuss your topic with others
  • Sometimes write and keep on writing
  • Stay motivated by dividing your subject

Maybe you have other solutions on beating writer's blog, please share them with us. Let us create a sort of database everybody can use. Writing is a skill and you get better at it when you practice. The more weapons you have in your arsenal, the better writer you will be!

Greetings and happy writing,


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adaba063 Premium
great post!

got another tip to add

since I know that I talk to myself, I have started to record the thoughts that I would like to write about and then transpose the recording

just an idea to share!

all the best,
joshor Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing. Great tip, I am also a "talker to myself", so I will try this.