What is the Intention of your Business?

Last Update: December 15, 2013

If you ask anybody who has a business this question you probably get this answer: Make Money.

A lot of times they add: Of course.

It is the most common rule of business philosophy, but is it the right intention for your business to start with.

The word intention is defined as an aim that guides action. You could flip this around and say that all past actions were preceded by an intention. So if your intention is to make money than your actions will be the outcome of that intention.

Now what is the intention of the visitor and potential customer of your website? It is most certainly not to give you his money. He is looking for an answer to his problem or a solution for his pain or need.

It is obvious that your intention and the intention of your visitor don't match. Therefore, it should be your aim to make your visitor`s life better. Here at WA we have a community based on helping each other the best we can and wherever we can. All we have to do is copy this mindset to whatever business we are building outside WA.

Before you make a post on your website ask yourself this question: How can I make my reader`s life better?. If you have this intention your action will reflect this intention.

Now I see a lot of question on WA, specially from newbies, about how to put banner, ads or an Amazon- store on their website. They have three pages up , and now it is time for the monetization part to add to their website. The result is a website with practically no content, looking like an advertising board screaming only one thing: Give me your money ( I need it).

Oke, at some point in time we want to make money from our business.

What do you think is the best way to implement the monetisation part, and at what stage of our business?

Is it even better to put the "make money" part in the fridge, and see how things work out?

Will the money come naturally over time?

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Shawn Martin Premium
The money will come naturally, if you follow this thinking. Nice post.
TJ7774 Premium
Thanks for the post.

Honestly, I am loving the posts I am putting on my site. It is something I am passionate about and am learning stuff myself. When the monetizing part does come, it will be an extra (amazing) bonus.
hart48 Premium
Good post. Thanks for sharing.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. I liked your comment that it is not your visitor's intention to give you their money. Rather they are looking for info and if they don't get it on your site they will look elsewhere (this is, of course, dependent on where they are in the purchase cycle). But, for the most part they are searching and, if they buy, it will be from a trusted source...be that source! Thanks for sharing.
joshor Premium
Thank you for your comment, we should definitely focus on building trust before we can sell something to our followers.