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Last Update: June 29, 2014

I am working on my getting started page in bootcamp. Oh dear goodness! Any chance of a whole training article on this someone?

I started off pretty good, then veered off into traffic putting all sorts of stuff in there. Its like I have picked a bunch of paragraphs from my website in the future and jumbled them up together. I want to keep them as they are good (imvho) if not for the getting started page then for some other post.

I have been messing about with this page for days I tell you! Must put it up and keep moving.

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Gordi Premium
Try not to over think and over complicate your about me page. Follow what Kyle suggests. He basically says keep it simple.
Berny W Premium
Hi Josh - I too agree with Jonicas. Save all the work you have done into another document. Have a look at some other members About Me page and that it what it should be about - you. Kyle gives an example in the training when he teaches you how to set up an About Me page, so go back and look at that again. Hope this helps. Cheers - Berny
felgue549 Premium
Hi, Josh.-I was thinking of something useful to tell you ...but then I read what Jonicas just under us here wrote you and I think that will do it for this for me now.
Jonicas Premium
Hello Josh,

I share your pain...

Grab all the stuff you have so far , dump it on a Word document, save it!

Go to "Live Video Class", scroll down to :
- Feb 2014 and find a video called "Let's Write an Article Live!" and watch it.
- Sept 2013 and find a video called "Live Article Writing Case Study" and watch it.

These are just some videos that may help you in getting your ideas aligned for article product.

There is a vast number of videos to look at, on several topic, the quality of the training is top notch.

To Our Success Online,