Just finished "getting started"

Last Update: July 02, 2014

So eventually finished draft one of getting started and threw it up on my page. I would appreciate a scan over of it and please point out anything missing or factually wrong (god forbid) Any one able to flick through it and comment back here?

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betcha Premium
Starting is always the most difficult part of any journey. You have done it well, Josh. But I'm sure you can add more colors and information to your website as you go along. You're getting there as you continue the lessons. Keep moving forward. More blessings to you!
emerald860 Premium
Hi Josh. I'm guessing that you are just starting your site? In reading the Getting Started page, I think it would be helpful to the reader if you talked about what "it" is in your first paragraph. In order to grab your reader's attention, they will want to know what information you are providing to them pretty quickly. Also, a little more color perhaps?
coolcity Premium
Good start, but I'm curious. I know you have been doing other things but you have been here quite a while now, and I expected a lot more if I'm honest.
Josh Perks Premium
Thats fair enough. Did you mean in quality or quantity? I have only been back at WA for about 10 days and its been a bit slower than. I'd like
tomtitty006 Premium
Looks good Josh.