Choosing a Niche? More Questions Than Answers, So Far

Last Update: February 15, 2018

I imagine that you, like me have had interest and experience in some pretty varied fields both professionally and as unpaid pursuits. And I get that my first website will probably not be my last, so I'm free to make mistakes. But common sense dictates that mistakes cost money, and we are all in this training, in part, if not exclusively, to make money. So, again, what standards to use in evaluating a niche?

1. Assuming one has experience/interest in more than one possible niche, what would be good methods of determining which of them is currently (and hopefully, in the future,) is trending upward in terms of demand? It would be nice, great even, if there were market volume data that could be graphed over time for each potential niche, much like there is when one is comparing stocks. I suspect that AdWords pricing data might play the role for keyword (niche) demand that stock prices do for equities. But is there any tool that can due for AdWords data what, say Yahoo Finance does for stocks?

2. If there are several affiliate programs that offer adequate compensation for your niche, how does one evaluate them beyond a simple comparison of commission rate? Are there other considerations that must be applied before making a choice? I'm drawing a blank on this one.

Looking forward to getting some answers as I continue with the training.

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TheCatherine Premium
Choose a niche that makes money. For instance recipes is hard to monetize and also makes less money than weight loss or make money online.
JonnyW Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read AND reply to my first post. I read your profile, and you sound like you have an interesting background.

I hope we can stay connected in the future.