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March 27, 2018
Just wanted to share that I just completed Level 1 training. Took longer than I expected, but then I hadn't anticipated how much resistance I was going to face along the way. All the stuff that interfered in previous attempts at building a commercial website reared their ugly mugs and tried to prevent me getting through. Biggest uglies were: Choosing a nicheCreating an "About Me" page"Getting the menus and navigation to behave. Honestly, I'm still working on improving that one, but managed
I imagine that you, like me have had interest and experience in some pretty varied fields both professionally and as unpaid pursuits. And I get that my first website will probably not be my last, so I'm free to make mistakes. But common sense dictates that mistakes cost money, and we are all in this training, in part, if not exclusively, to make money. So, again, what standards to use in evaluating a niche? 1. Assuming one has experience/interest in more than one possible niche, what would be