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I am chiropractor getting ready to retire from the business because I had to get my hip replaced! I wanted to start a website in health and wellness and be successful at helping people getting healthier and at the same time make money doing it! I extremely new at this and needed help getting started in this business of online marking and affiliate marketing! I look forward to everyones help and I plan on being very successful at this! This group looks like a family that I would love to be a part of! Thank you!
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
100,000/month $1,200,000/year
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$5,000,000 year
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
as much time as I need to be successful and achieve my goals
Goal created on
Apr 29, 2018
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Jonmccreery Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
100,000/month $1,200,000/year

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$5,000,000 year

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
as much time as I need to be successful and achieve my goals
BAmarneh Premium
I had my goals listed a while back, I like what I see, Good luck to you, Hopefully all will be achieved and within reach!
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Jon,

These are great goals and I know that you will work hard to achieve them! One of the most important aspects of building a successful business is having goals so that you always have something to work towards!

Keep on taking action within the community as you have done here, you are well on your way!

I am here to help, so please let me know if you have any questions while you get started. I look forward to helping out!

JohnDoe76 Premium
Just starting off myself, but it does seem that dedication and patience is the key but the goals are certainly achievable.
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HennieSteyl Premium
A warm welcome to WA Premium. May your stay with us be a blessed one.
Here are training and a post of mine that can help you on this exciting journey. Leave a comment after you read it and tell me how you feel. Hennie
janbey Premium
Hi Jon,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, congratulations on going premium an absolute A1 decision. Thanks for adding me to your network, I have reciprocated.

Don't worry that this is all new to you just follow the training and you'll be just fine.

I wish you well on your WA journey, enjoy the ride and have fun, if you get stuck, check in with Zarina or ask this fantastic community, the answer will arrive fast either way.

All the best with your business and good luck.

Zarina Premium Plus
Hey Jon, good to see you! Love that you're loving WA, this community really is like a family. Personally, I am on WA almost every day and absolutely feel free to reach out to me whenever you need a hand with anything.

(And by the way, check your PM for awesome resources ;))

Also, in about a week, the design of this community will change, but it's promising to be super engaging and user-friendly: Congratulations on going Premium and see you at the top, Jon! :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Jon? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just holler!

PS. Also, quick reminder. Today is the last day to get your first month discount/bonuses. No rush, no worries. Just a simple reminder here. :)
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Hey Jon and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

My name is Zarina and since you signed up through me, I thought I'd tell you a little about myself.

Note: This is a lengthy message but I strongly suggest you read till the end, as I have some tips and bonuses to share with you :)

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2015. Back then, I was already making money online as a freelancer but I wanted to have more flexibility and be my own boss.

What I found here was much more than I initially expected.

Whether you're here to build a business, a website or just want to learn and make money online, this is the only place that will show you the best ways to do it.

Here are my 2 quick recommendations on getting started out the best possible way:

1. To get started, you should add a short bio description and upload a picture. This is just a simple 1-minute process - Wealthy Affiliate truly is a community and having a profile and a picture will really help get you acquainted here. 2. After you've done this, check this page out: This course is IMPORTANT.

This is where everyone who joins WA should begin as it will explain everything.

You should know that at WA online business community, you will be given step by step instruction on creating your new website, choosing a topic for your website, and learning how the money is made.

By taking action and putting the information here at WA into good use, it will be impossible to fail.

If it wasn't for the training and support that I received here throughout the years, I'd probably quit. (And I am not even much of a quitter type).

I hope you will enjoy the training, tools and support here as much as I do!

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself. If there's anything I can do for you Jon, just let me know!



P.S. One last thing to mention. Currently, you're a Starter member of WA. This is completely free and you can do a lot of things such as build 2 free websites, get access to training and the online chat, among other awesome stuff!

If you see that WA and it's training is something you'd like to continue, I would highly recommend upgrading to the Premium membership. It's usually $49 per month, but if you sign up within the first 7 days of joining WA:

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December 2017 UPDATE:

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As you can see, at Wealthy Affiliate it's "all under 1 roof" and you definitely should take advantage of that.

Certainly, this is up to you Jon. For now, just check out the recommended things and see how it works out :)
Jonmccreery Premium

Thank you for warm welcome and advice on where to start! I am new to all of this I was chiropractor for 19 years and I saw 136,000 people which the volume of people wore my out and i I had itvrepkaced 3 weeks ago! I really new to all this and I want my niche to be in health/wellness and weight loss! I have enjoyed helping people over the 19 years! I will surely miss it but I felt doing something like this could still allow me to help a lot people and also be financially rewarding at the same time! I did join the premium deal! I will definitely have questions for you if that is okay! I am excited about my future but of course nervous! Thank u!
Jonmccreery Premium
If you could send me the post of the road to success I would greatly appreciate it! Thank u!
Zarina Premium Plus
Think of it this way - once you build an authority website, you'll be able to reach FAR more people on the net and help a lot more people than if you did in your clinic.

I mean your business will be global! And at the same time, eventually you'll have to work less because your website will be open 24/7/365.

And with your 19 years of experience, you'll definitely be trustworthy to your audience. I mean this is awesome.

As for feeling excited and nervous, trust me, we all have been there! :) One thing for sure is that there is so much info that it becomes overwhelming, but it'll pass with time.

And I saw your PM already, so I guess I don't have to resend the link I promised.

And yes, do ask away! If I won't know answers, I will find links/resources or people with more experience, so be sure that you're not alone in this :)