The $500 Challenge.What Would You Do?

Last Update: November 17, 2019

Here's 500 Bucks. Whatcha Gonna Do Now?

I get questions similar to this one all the time when talking to people about my affiliate marketing and online business.

Friend at party: You never seem to go to work. What's the deal with that?

Me: (laughs) I work at home and actually put in hours pretty much every day of the week. I help business increase their online sales and I get a piece of each transaction.

Friend at party: So exactly how does that work?

Me: Explain about affiliate programs in a general sense and how you go about using them.

Friend at party: Sooooo, If you had like $500 to invest in these programs, what would you do?


Budgets Grow WIth Success

I have always been one to approach any new niche, merchant, strategy with a minimal budget and slowly ramp up as I see potential or conversions.

Obviously media buys that show profitable conversions early on will be ramped up quickly because the results can be tremendous. This applies to seasonal or holiday type as you have a limited window each year for each event.

Ever Green products and services can increased at a much safer and slower rate because sales potential is year round.

Once you have a technique that seems to be working, there show always be a scaling plan in place to maximize cost per conversion as well as finding that sweet spot for each campaign. Tweaking can always be required from time to time.

How Would You Use It?

Ok so...

Our imaginery budget for a campaign launch is $500....

It can be a project set up budget....

You can choose to use free means and use it as a monthly ad budget...

Anything is possible.

How would you use an extra $500 to pick a new affiliate program and drive enough traffic to see if it will convert.

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Dale123 Premium
I hope you took the opportunity to promote the WA Black Friday deal to your friend at the party :)

Taking advantage of that deal is the best thing you could do with $500 in my opinion :)
joniki Premium
Recommending WA is always my "go to" learning resource.

I think it is much better for people to learn how things really work rather than buying "a system"