Understanding Why You Made Money Is More Important Than The Money You Made

Last Update: June 20, 2014

Are you tracking everything you do online?

All too often people get started down the road of creating money sites and get all fired up about keywords, content, links, etc. and forget the most crucial part of building an online business.

You MUST know why you made money when it first starts coming.

It is impossible to duplicate success without knowing how that success occurred in the first place.

Use unique tracking links all over the place so when a sale happens you know how you made it.

It generally create tracking links that are unique to a post or page so I know what content is converting.

Use something to know where your traffic is coming in to your site and where it is going. I personally use the statpress plugin because it is simple and allows me to see what search terms people use to get to my site and where they enter as well as where they go from there.

Creating content that gets tons of traffic but, does not convert to revenue is pretty much useless.

I often find that some of my content that brings in the lowest amount of traffic converts at the highest rates so, I focus on building more content that is related to that topic.

You will often here stories of people that create a site and make a sale or two which understandably leads to becoming very motivated to create tons more content.

Later on they realize they have not made another sale since the first cuople but, they have put in a ton more work.

This is usually because they did not track enough to understand why they had that initial success and build on it.

The "why you made money" is WAY more important than the money itself. With proper information it is the initial building block to take off your business.

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amdmtx Premium
another excellent advice ! Thanks
techhound Premium
Anyone that has been following my posts (or my footprint throughout WA) for a bit, knows I am a HUGE fan of tracking. I can't tell you how many times early on, I have gotten sales and wondered where the heck did that come from. And to me that's more frustrating than not getting any sales at all! I even had Adsense explode with commissions for several weeks. But no clue what I did to make that happen.

I think you and I must have been explorers in the wilderness in other lives because tracking is in our blood ;)

Best Regards,
Freedomseekr Premium
Very well done! It makes no sense to write more content that isn't converting in any way especially if you have a lot of traffic. Best wishes. :)
Shawn Martin Premium
Well said, nuff said :)