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Last Update: July 04, 2018

Some really amazing things are happening with my website now all thanks to the guidance I’m given here at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a little bit into the money making part of the training now and I have many of my friends asking me questions about it. That’s really all I’ve been doing is sending positive energy out there on the internet.

So as some of you already know. My first Niche website is about my passion. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Now BJJ something I’ve spent 4 years of my life doing. I also spent 5 years wrestling which is a relatable form of the grappling arts. I dabbled in a little bit of MMA and I even took a few Krav Maga classes.

So a I don’t know anything about Networking. I haven’t even gotten to that part of the training yet. However, to my amazement it is incredibly easy to network when you pick a niche that you’ve spent a lot of time gaining knowledge about.

So this is an “aha” moment for me as some of the other bloggers have talked about here at WA.

It’s my realization how important it is to keep everything to your passions and interests otherwise your audience won’t take you seriously.

For example, if I had no martial arts experience at all and I wrote posts about picking the right supplements or buying the right gear for martial arts then how would I possibly expect my new Facebook friends to take me seriously?

Like how is some chump who never trains supposed to gain a trust with all these tough looking MMA guys even if he does have pretty good content? Let me tell you, I’ve been grappling for 9 years now and I looked at some of these terrifying monsters like “ahhhhh crap. I REALLY hope that one likes the product if he buys one”

But lol. They all saw me. They know a I train and truly everybody so far has been super friendly. I went from about 300 Facebook friends to over 1000 targeting my niche. I doubled the likes on my Facebook page that’s linked to the website as well.

So of course. I have pictures of me training, and winning medals. I have pictures my kids in training and winning medals. I also have pictures of my coach who is well known in the art.

Now I’m at a point where I’m realizing how addicting this stuff is. Wait until I get my first check. Then this is going to be REALLY addicting.

At the end of the day I’m really grateful so far that I found this. I really truly think I have a knack for this and it’s going to turn into something great!

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RAFStuart Premium
As ERin says just awesome.
herinnelson Premium
You've had some awesome accomplishments, Jonathan! I've been to several boxing events, growing up in Canastota, NY---Home of the Boxing Hall of Fame. I don't know very much about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, though it sounds intriguing! Speak from your heart and you'll relate to your audience perfectly! I'm so happy about your new networking experience and wish you all the best!

Erin :)!