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So I've steadily popped on here and there. I only wrote one new video article recently. Actually recently I started playing with the stock market a little bit too. So I'm putting several eggs in several baskets for my journey to slowly move out of my day job and have a completely jiu jitsu filled life.Small but steady movements are paying off with time.So every post I make on social media gets me a little bit of traffic. I also see a small amount of recurring traffic from search engines and suc
Man I'm a busy guy. If I wanted to sit at the computer everyday and get fat I would. I work a full time job. 48 hours the past two weeks to be exact. I have a family who needs me to be around, and I also need my mat time with Jiu Jitsu. That's the most important part of my hustle is that I need to be training. Without me training than my niche website just doesn't work. I'd be a fraud. Jiu Jitsu Jonathan can't be Jiu Jitsu Jonathan without training Jiu Jitsu!On top of that I've had quite a few
Man I was as sick as a dog for a few days. After that I had far too many responsibilities to take care of so my Wealthy Affiliate profile had to get put on the back burner.On the positive note while I was out I saw some small tidbits of passive income coming my way.In one of my most recent posts I mentioned how I was getting free fight wear from a small independent manufacturer in exchange for product reviews on my webpage and they also agreed to pay me commission. I got my first free rash guar
This past week I've been taking care of my sick girlfriend. She's had H Pylori and I've been helping her as much as I've been able to the last week. Unfortunately today I think I might be getting many of the same symptoms she's had. In other words this is not fun. Poopy to be precice.I don't have a Primary care doctor and I wanted to avoid going to the ER because they're going to run 20 tests and charge me an arm and a leg for it. Why do that, when I'm pretty sure I already know what it is. So
Wow it's been an amazing journey thus far. I started from scratch with the training really not knowing anything about this at all. Not only that, but I've never been much of a tech savvy person other than the fact I learned to type in highschool because I took a class.I went from knowing absolutely noting to:Starting a website and building it to look pretty.Learning how to use keyword search engines.Learning how to insert imagesFirst learning to hyperlinkFinally realizing that there is a "text"
Made my first business deal directly with a manufacturer! This means the manufacturer agreed to send me free rashguards and fight shorts for jiu jitsu in exchange for me doing a review on the wears on my website. They agreed to give me a commission for sales too! The beautiful thing is that this is a manufacturer so if I can get a commission on gyms buying fightwear items in large quantities at wholesale so it could lead to some very big payments down the line. I'm really looking forward to get
Dang. I have data now. I have numbers on google analytics. I’m on all the social media platforms I know of.....and people are engaging.Tons of good signs are coming. There’s just 1 thing I disagree with in the training: I think Facebook is working tremendously well for me. I’m not big on taking selfies but Instagram seems to grow easily for me so I’ll learn to get used to it.Twitter: man, they talked in the training about how you should make your articles long. I remembe
I'm now a little bit into the "mastering social engagement" part of the training and there is one thing bothering me. When I click on "website manager" my site health is still not in the green. It's almost there but I thought I should be at 100% site health by now. After I finish the training I'm still not showing up in green then I'm definitely going to delve deeper into the problem to figure out what it is I missed.However, I now have over 1000 Facebook friends who participate in my niche. My
July 03, 2018
Some really amazing things are happening with my website now all thanks to the guidance I’m given here at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a little bit into the money making part of the training now and I have many of my friends asking me questions about it. That’s really all I’ve been doing is sending positive energy out there on the internet.So as some of you already know. My first Niche website is about my passion. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.Now BJJ something I’ve spent 4 yea
Wow. My website has come such a long way in such a short time. I have affiliate links, I’m indexed in google, and now wow. I got my site to go https! I saw it in the training before and I don’t know how but I missed it when I went to actually take action.Some goals I’ve set for myself is to find better affiliates. Most that I have I feel are okay for now but there are a couple I’m gonna go back and delete because their “martial arts” dvd sets sound a tad bit