Happy from zero

Last Update: June 11, 2016

Firstly i thank to all members here , Especially to my network, i really thank to all of you

I came to WA with the zero knowledge, i have been working hard to study all the lessons until now, it is not finish yet.

I attempted to learn step by step, maybe so funny i have repeated for the lessons or videos until enough time or feeling its already understood, then going on to the next lesson, also i have problem with my english which i have left about 20 years never read and never use it.

The time is going on, one step a head almost 2 months i did like that. The other hand i am not alone because with the big community also help each other, so all of which can help me to blow up whatever my problem.

That also be funny although i am the beginner i can involve to help any other one whom need help.

So all the story maybe become motivation to the beginner who wants to learn about online. Nothing be worried, every one who wants to learn everything start from the beginner

Now i have finished for making simple website with the same content posts and pages, i just want to know the logical system of site, and indexed by the google, i submitted 11 posts and pages.

I hope all of you willing to give comment to my website, although the site is very simple, i will thank to you for your comment before.

I am really glad that I could prove, even though I started from zero with a very simple site .

Once again i need your fell free to give feed back to my simple website which is written in my language but it is completed by translator

This is my site =>semuapastibisa.com

Thank you ;


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KariLee Premium
Very nice job. The translator worked fairly well, no information was lost. I like the way you present the WA opportunity. Very professionally but simply stated.
jokoss Premium
thank you for visiting, hey KariLee that is my first experience
MKearns Premium
Good website format. I was searching on line for Indonesian pasta until it dawned that this is about success. Love your efforts.
jokoss Premium
thanks michael
Dreamer56 Premium
Glad you are here Jokoss. Good work man
jokoss Premium
Thank you Tim
Gmyogi Premium
You rock. Glad to hear you are so much at home.
jokoss Premium
ya Gmyogi, getting old better work at home
JonBrooks Premium
Great work! Building a site takes time but you are well on your way.
jokoss Premium
thank you Jon