Focusing on the Positive

Last Update: July 12, 2014

Today my wife and I took a little canoe ride in a nearby lake. It was a beautiful day, and we exchanged greetings with some other people we saw at the lake. We saw some ducks with their babies, and a couple of large birds that I think may have been herons. I took a video and some photos of our trip, and our inflatable canoe in case maybe later I can use it on our web page to see if there may be an affiliate marketing opportunity with the company that produces these canoes.

As we came home from the lake and had lunch and went about the remainder of our day, I started thinking about what a beautiful world that God has given us, and I started thinking about all the people I came across. I also started thinking about all of you, how some of you have been so helpful and nice. I felt a kindly regard and feelings of love towards the good people that are all around, and felt a little sad for the misery that some people find themselves in.

I was thinking about happiness, and that it is available to us if we just live in accordance with happiness principles. I don't want to preach a sermon, but treating other people with respect, courtesy, and helpfulness is a big start in the happiness direction. Looking outside oneself and finding ways to brighten other people's lives is a big part of that also.

And then there is working on one's mind, to push out negative "self-talk". What's that? Well, you know, we all talk to ourselves inside our heads almost constantly. Sometimes we say things that are self-deprecating and negative to ourselves, and this can get to be a habit. It can lead to bad moods, gloom, and can contribute to depressed feelings (not that it's the only cause of depression, by any means, but it can be a big contributing factor).

Not to take too long with this post, I'd like to keep it simple by saying that we can examine our self-talk, work to change our self-talk habits from negative to positive, and tell ourselves that we are good, we are smart, we are deserving of happiness, we are grateful for the good we have, and many other positive things.

And we can focus on our goals and what we want to do with our lives, and remember to talk to ourselves about them, and our plans for achieving them. We can get our inner minds to accept positive beliefs about the positive outcomes, resulting in attracting positive things and happiness into our lives.

Well, anyway, that's two bits worth of philosophy for now. Here's wishing all of you a happy, bright and successful future!

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Skip2tsr Premium
The water on the lake does more than reflect light. It reflects feelings as well. Thanks for sharing yours, John.
JohnTerry Premium
Thanks for the comment Skip. Nice to hear from you
kellyrae82 Premium
What a great reminder of staying positive. Thanks for sharing!
JohnTerry Premium
Thanks for the comment, kellyrae82!