Don't Forget To Keep Your Site Updated

Last Update: January 13, 2018

Sometimes when things change we might forget to do some updates to our site. I wanted to remind anyone who had an A-store with Amazon to make sure they either remove the link or add a new link if you have acquired a new online store.

I had top go through a lot of pages to update my links so that when someone clicks on it they would not be sent to a message saying this page is not accessible at this time. It will make your site look bad if that happens.

And I am trying to remind those who may have forgot about the A-store links they might have had on their website. Believe it or not it slipped my mind for about a month. And if it had not of been for someone I know telling me that a link led to an unattainable page it probably would have slipped my mind longer.

This also include making regular updates on your site all together. I don't care how busy I get with other business I always give my sites at least 30 minutes a day to go in and check my updates, any subscribers I may have accumulated, any comments I may have gotten & check to see if my sites are functioning.

I think this is needed to have a productive site. If someone comes to your site for the first time and it turns them off, you just lost a potential subscriber or purchaser.

I wish everyone much success with their sites.

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suzzziq Premium
It's funny that you mentioned this:) I was checking my site today, and realized that one of my affiliate programs must have gone out of business because I couldn't get any of my links to pull up. So, I did several searches to see if I could find it anywhere else on the internet, but no luck:(. As of last year, they were the #1 children's reading program. Not sure what happened?
So, now I have to revamp my page, and delete all of my links:(. Not a happy camper.
johnsoalonso Premium
No, it is no fun. But if you catch it early enough it is not so painful. I had to go to 7 websites to correct links. But, that is part of the job.
botipton Premium
Not only for the reasons mentioned Google sees you working on your site and it helps your rankings.
johnsoalonso Premium
Really, I did not know that. Thanks for that information.
skmorrow Premium
Thanks for the reminder!
johnsoalonso Premium
You are welcome. Did not want to see anyone else have to do what I did.