My Progress to date here in WA

Last Update: January 26, 2018

Hi everyone thought it was time to let you know how am progressing here at mywealthy affiliate.

I joined the community here at WA in July 2017 added my profile, setup my niche site in no time at all and reached a milestone with website being indexed in Google the next day.

For me as for all of us was to create content for my niche. At the start I found writing very difficult but I persevered and got over this, not fully competent yet but I won't give up.

Why So Long

My stumbling block was myself. After finding issues with the theme I had chosen and spending quite a few hours (two weeks in fact) trying to figure out what those issues were.

Being a tradesman I am used to trouble shooting tasks when problems occurred. Some of the issues that cropped up are not part of the training and were to me pretty hard to get my head around. These issues were of a more advanced level.

In the end I turned to the WA community for help and the responses received were excellent and was able to progress without any more issues (so I thought).

From here on I was able to concentrate on finding ideas for new content(s) write them and publish.

What Did I Learn?

  • Well one thing that I learned was not to get side tracked during training which l somewhat slowed my progress.
  • Prioritizing tasks in my trade is easy but when came to tasks for my website it was a different matter.
  • Remembering thoughts and Ideas whilst working was a task in itself, when I got home I would sit down at my computer desk and start to try and come up with the ideas I had during the day (bit hard when you're tired). What did I learn from this one Carry diary and write them down immediately.
  • Reviewing posts and pages that have not been indexed. Thought that I would mention as to the reason why I had done this. A member here at WA GiuliaB had posted that a coloured "G" icon had been added in the site content platform. From this I was able to revise the posts and over the last week had three of them indexed. GiuliaB I thank you for your input.
  • Lastly, when something goes wrong don't be afraid to ask for help.

My plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months

Well, my plans suddenly changed its not 3 months anymore. I received some exciting news this week from Kyle that "blew my socks off" I had been accepted into Super Affiliatecourse. I know it's going to hard but I will not give up.

No more trying to trouble shoot on my own, as we say in my trade "Head Down, Bum Up".



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TaniaHersel Premium
I am stuttering through the Certification Course, I need to focus ànd complete it. Congratulations on perservering through your challenges and making the Super Affiliate course.
JohnProbert1 Premium
Thanks, Tania Focus/ perseverance are keywords for all including newbies coming onboard.

XavierPerez1 Premium
Sounds familiar . Don't want to sound cliche like, but yep this is exactly what I went thru. Similar results as well. That's ok. I will get this down as I'm sure you also will. With the right tools, the work gets done. Thx for sharing
JohnProbert1 Premium
I guess there is hope for us but what about other newbies coming on board.

MeganW Premium
Great work! It's a learning curve that's for sure. I have had many frustrations in setting up my site but now with what I've learned about WP I am able to help others. You learn more when you make mistakes!
JohnProbert1 Premium
Thanks, Megan it sure was a big Learning Curve that I hope not to repeat (hope not).