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About my progress so thus far Well everyone it's time to let you all know how I am fairing at this time with the Super Affiliate Challenge as a Baby Boomer, Did I hear someone say who are baby boomers? Who Are Baby Boomers - DefinitionPost War generation babies born after World War 2 roughly about 1945 to 1965 who have reaching or have reached old age. If you would like to know more follow this link ==>< Anyway enough of that, lets get on with what I cam
Hi everyone thought it was time to let you know how am progressing here at mywealthy affiliate. I joined the community here at WA in July 2017 added my profile, setup my niche site in no time at all and reached a milestone with website being indexed in Google the next day. For me as for all of us was to create content for my niche. At the start I found writing very difficult but I persevered and got over this, not fully competent yet but I won't give up. Why So Lon
January 13, 2018
Level 3Hey everyone, it has taken some time to finally complete 3 and looking forward to completing level 4. There been moments of doubts of my ability to finish through one thing or another. Why did it take so long? It wasn't the training that held me back it was I liked to try and solve issues that cropped up from time to time with my website. Issues such as: Site Theme Site Theme chosen from the start looked ok and appeared easy to manage but there were issues I could not readily fix. Af
November 24, 2017
Hi everyone, Just been read this article that may be of interest. Uber says 57 million users' personal data was compromised by hackers in a 2016 incidentUber said Tuesday hackers compromised personal data from some 57 million riders and drivers of the ridesharing service in a 2016 incident.
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November 24, 2017
Hi everyone,Things are looking bit brighter as I sit here typing in hot and humid conditions which I know envious about (only having a bit of Ausie Fun)Anyway thought I would let All at WA I finally completed "level one" and Moving along nicely. Looking forward to the next challenge(s) John
Progress To DateI joined WA in August 2017, and my progress so far would appear slows but coming to the end of stage one of WA training. I decided right from the beginning that I not only wanted to learn as possible about building a website which included web site admin without concentrating getting into visiting to LA. So far after testing a few themes and found one that I liked, by the way turned out to be a challenge but I would not give up until I mastered how to set it up. Boy was it