Level 3 Completed

Last Update: January 13, 2018
Level 3

Hey everyone, it has taken some time to finally complete 3 and looking forward to completing level 4. There been moments of doubts of my ability to finish through one thing or another.

Why did it take so long? It wasn't the training that held me back it was I liked to try and solve issues that cropped up from time to time with my website. Issues such as:

Site Theme

Site Theme chosen from the start looked ok and appeared easy to manage but there were issues I could not readily fix. After spending hours of trying to figure out the problem(s), I turned to WA members/ambassadors for help. I would like to thank all here at Wealthy Affiliate for the fantastic help and advice you had offered.

Google Page speed Insights

After running site speed for the very first time and seeing low scores I had to start digging to find answers. Seeing terms for the very first time was and still is "complicated". Seeing

  • Reduce server response time
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Leverage browser caching

This sent me off on another direction instead of spending time on content for my website. Still cannot fully understand.

Lesson Learnt

In hind sight I should have spent more time on lessons instead of being bogged down with what I thought were major issues, don't get me wrong I had learned hell of a lot about the background stuff .

Once again thanks to all for your fantastic responses and guidence

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JohnProbert1 Premium
Hi Xavier, thanks for reading. Don't get bogged down with the just finish the levels
XavierPerez1 Premium
That's good to hear, because I am in that same exact situation. Looks like I will have to work through it same as you did. Thanks and keep on keeping on. Thx.